By Mary J. Berkman

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease that affects about 4.5 million people in the US. It is characterized by red, dry plaques, or scaling, of skin. Doctors will tell you that if you are diagnosed with psoriasis that it is incurable.   

Those that have psoriasis can suffer from much emotional trauma. This includes consistent feelings of shame, embarrassment, sadness, and low self-esteem.

There are 8 Empowerment Tools that have been extremely helpful to help in dealing with the day-to-day when you have psoriasis. You may feel frustrated, angry, disconnected, embarrassed, and one of these tools may help you shift your vibration, refocus your energy, handle stress and/or accept that you feel out of balance or irritable. I had psoriasis for over 20 years and I cleared it using holistic means and adding these empowerment tools into my life.

8 EMPOWERMENT TOOLS                                                                   


This tool can help you raise your frequency and find your way back to a calm, centered state after a challenging emotion, such as shame.

When I developed psoriasis, my nervous system was in deep need of relaxation and nourishment. I began to infuse myself with emotions and feelings, in the form of words similar to charging myself with healthy, nourishing foods and supplements. It recharges me, uplifting me to a higher frequency very quickly. I often think of the word EASE and then I say to myself ease, ease and feel the resonance of this word surging through my body. This is fulfilling and one of my favorite ways to reset my system when it is overwhelmed.


This is a powerful tool to change a pattern and redirect your focus.

If you find yourself in a challenging situation, try this; say to yourself, “Wow, this is a great opportunity to…grow, forgive, transform, expand, learn, empathize, love myself more, accept someone for who they are, see an unhealthy pattern, or choose a new way of doing something.” Opportunity is a powerful, transforming word. If you are feeling uncomfortable because your psoriasis is exposed, maybe this is an opportunity to love yourself through this challenge.


Tapping into your deep state of presence is a great tool for moving through life with greater ease.

Find yourself immersed in the moment. Close your eyes and feel the aliveness of your body: your breath, your cells, your muscles, and spirit. Doing so can support you in letting go of the constant stream of thoughts. It encourages a calm feeling to emerge. Then, allow yourself to meet the spirit within. Feel its presence. Relax into it with your body by letting go of any stresses, or concerns.


Re-patterning – changing a pattern that you’ve been repeating for a long time – can be a big contributor to clearing skin.

Re-patterning can be accomplished by continually doing something differently, therefore creating a fresh way of moving through life. I had eczema on my hands for a period, and it was painfully itchy. I remember once I was in so much discomfort I started to cry, and my dear friend gave me some ice. Immediately I began creating a new pattern. I began using ice to ease the discomfort instead of scratching. It took me continually choosing this to begin to change my pattern. Now, I do not itch very often and, when I catch myself scratching, I return to new ways of handling it.

Re-patterning can be accomplished by focusing on what beliefs resonate with you, and what beliefs are the basis for creating and manifesting your life. If I believed what my skin doctor believed, that psoriasis is incurable, then I would live by this premise. I would think this thought regularly, and the result would likely show up for me in my life. I knew thinking that psoriasis was incurable would not work. So, what would I have to lose by thinking the thought, psoriasis is curable?


Visualizing clear skin regularly has been a helpful tool for me in clearing my skin.

I do a regular visualization when I am in sitting meditation: I see myself with clear skin all over my body. See it and then feel what it feels like to have clear skin, to feel your knees, your scalp, wherever psoriasis is, totally free of psoriasis. Relief and contentment will probably be the feelings you will experience. I sink into the feeling that comes up, allow it to really settle in, and continue to meditate on the feeling for as long as possible. I take note of this sensation in my body and conjure it up going forward when I remember to do so. As I do this visualization, the tension in my body begins to dissolve. Eventually, this helped me gain serenity in my life, and clear my skin.


Listening to the spirit within is a great tool to develop.

Here, you tap into your inner voice and let it guide you. You can ask it questions or simply pay attention to your inner body. A place that is deep in your body, beyond your body, will communicate with you; it is your spirit, which is always dwelling in and about you.

It is guiding you, based upon the questions, visions, wishes, and dreams you have and the energy you are emitting. It might be the questions you write in your journal. If your focus is to clear your skin, then you will likely be led in that direction. We are powerful creators, continually creating the world around us from the world within us.


In adding this daily practice into my life, I have watched the unfolding of a more serene, quality of life.

Focus on the good in your life regularly, and as often as you can. Even if everything looks bleak and feels challenging, you can begin to just let it be. Then, choose something great in your life. It could be the delicious lunch you made or that you love your dog. Just dwell on that. It takes your focus off your skin and the possible difficult emotions and you allow in some easier emotions.

I am grateful for something every day, no matter what.


Self-observation is a tool to use daily to help shift patterns in your life. It can be used to help in many circumstances, including when feeling frustrated at your situation of having psoriasis.

Having skin challenges helped me clear up my inner game. It helped me to see that there is an opportunity to release negativity by seeing where my thoughts go when I am focusing on a skin breakout.

“Focus on the good in your life regularly, and as often as you can. Even if everything looks bleak and feels challenging, you can begin to just let it be.”

I scratch my skin when I feel anxious and fearful and am thinking thoughts that feel uncomfortable. So, when I catch myself scratching, I can almost always match it with a challenging thought or emotion. Then I take a deep breath, stop any activity I am doing, and just stay in deep openness and observation. The pain will usually transform. The more you can watch what comes up non-judgmentally, the more you are shifting the pattern.