Do you remember how easy it was to recover from injuries and illness when you were younger? We are getting closer to rewinding the clock, or at least slowing it down with stem cells.

The human body is comprised of more than 200 different cell types. Houston-based, biotechnology company Celltex Therapeutics Corporation uses an advanced technology that makes it possible to harness the regenerative properties of one specialized cell type – the adult mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). Stem cells play an essential role in the body’s natural healing process. As we age, these cells begin to decline in numbers, making it harder for us to recover from injuries, illness and aging.

The regenerative and immunomodulatory abilities of adult stem cells make them therapeutically beneficial in pain and age management, degenerative conditions, like osteoarthritis, neurodegenerative conditions, like Parkinson’s disease, and autoimmune conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

“When I saw the change in Joyce, it motivated me to look into adult stem cell therapy for myself” -Helen Streaker

Using proprietary technology, Celltex can isolate, multiply and bank hundreds of millions of an individual’s own adult stem cells, quantities never before possible. With the 21st Century Cures Act officially signed into law, regenerative therapies will receive more attention for their abilities to help people with chronic illnesses in the United States.

Helen Streaker is a good example. At 81-years-old, Helen is astounding family and friends with her newfound energy and zest for life after having adult stem cell therapy, thanks to Celltex’s advanced technology. In 2011, Helen suffered a major stroke while on holiday with friends in Italy.

“We were having lunch, and suddenly, I was unable to speak. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t walk,” she recounts. Helen was rushed to a local hospital where she received excellent care. She was shocked when tests revealed that she had unknowingly suffered two other minor strokes previously. Naturally, Helen required extensive physical therapy in the following months but made a good recovery.

Later that year, Helen was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which caused pain and weakness in her hands and feet, making it difficult to function.

“I was taking three different pain medications in order to sleep at night. I also kept pills by my bedside table for pain, which woke me in the middle of the night,” she says. “I was in constant pain and had very little energy or zest for life. Life was not good.”

Helen’s outlook began to change after her friend, Joyce Tucker, told her about her success with Celltex. Joyce had undergone two surgeries followed by weeks of therapy, but she still suffered from mobility issues and pain. After two years of working with six different orthopedic doctors, she was told her only option was to wear a brace and take pain medication. However, within three months of having adult stem cell therapy, Joyce was pain-free.

“When I saw the change in Joyce, it motivated me to look into adult stem cell therapy for myself,” says Helen of her friend’s improvements. “Deciding to have the therapy was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“Deciding to have the therapy was one of the best decisions of my life” -Helen Streaker

Celltex obtained Helen’s MSCs through a single fat extraction, performed by a licensed physician, in a 30-minute outpatient procedure that required little to no recovery time.

The MSCs are sent to the Celltex laboratory in Houston where they are isolated from the fat tissue, cultured and cryogenically banked in liquid nitrogen. The MSCs are safely stored in the United States at -300 degrees Fahrenheit in liquid nitrogen, for future use. Whenever a Celltex client is ready for therapy, the cells are removed from the bank, expanded to a therapeutic dosage and exported to Cancun, Mexico.

In early 2016, Helen received a combination of intravenous and intralymphatic infusions containing hundreds of millions of her own adult stem cells. Helen received her first adult stem cell therapy on a Friday. By the following Thursday, the pain caused by peripheral neuropathy had diminished and she decided to try sleeping without pain medication.

“I didn’t want to take pain medication if I didn’t have to, so you can imagine my joy when I slept through the entire night pain free,” Helen shares. “I’m a new woman!”

No longer taking pain medication, Helen reports more energy and no pain. A recent sleep study shows that she no longer has sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, two major improvements in her quality of life.

“When you are in pain, you don’t function well because you can’t sleep. I am so thankful for the ability to sleep through the night and for the energy I have. I have also noticed that my balance has improved and I’m walking better. My family and friends have noticed and commented about it,” she says.

She reports her digestive tract works better, and she has had an increase in energy. Helen wakes up thinking, “What can I accomplish today?” Whereas before, she felt lethargic.

Friends have commented on changes in her physical appearance. “Some people ask if I’ve had plastic surgery!” she laughs.

In addition to the noteworthy difference in her appearance after stem cell therapy, she says she has noticed other welcomed changes. “Before, I bruised very easily but recently I had dental surgery–which is usually followed by pain medication and bruising–but I didn’t need any pain medication and I was amazed to see that I had absolutely no bruising either. I am very grateful for all of the improvements I have experienced.”

“Life is so much better for me. I would encourage everyone who has peripheral neuropathy, or any other condition that seriously diminishes their quality of life, to consider this therapy” -Helen Streaker

While stem cell therapy is not a cure, the regenerative benefits of adult stem cell therapy continue to help Helen in her daily life. “There is no cure for peripheral neuropathy; traditional medicine merely treats the symptoms and usually peripheral neuropathy gets progressively worse. People often get to the point that a wheelchair is necessary, not a pleasant prospect,” she says. “But here I am, no longer in pain. I walk better and my balance is significantly better. I certainly don’t feel my age.”

Helen uses her newfound energy to spend time with friends and family, volunteer, travel and enjoy the arts. “Life is so much better for me. I would encourage everyone who has peripheral neuropathy, or any other condition that seriously diminishes their quality of life, to consider this therapy. It has given me back my life, ” she shares with a smile.


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