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HOUSTON, December 16, 2019 /Press release/– SASpine (Surgical Associates in Spine) today announced that it will continue to expand with two additional locations in Houston, Texas, with new practices opening in early 2020, providing experienced spine specialists who are committed to improving your quality of life. According to CEO, LeAnn Cyr, two new locations are slated for The Heights and River Oaks District. 

“Expanding our office locations is part of our commitment to accommodate and engage more patients who come to us from near and far places for spine care treatment,” said LeAnn Cyr, Chief Executive Officer.

SASpine originally began in San Antonio and has recently expanded into the Houston market. By expanding their current locations throughout the Houston area, SASpine will be able to accommodate more local and international patients who fly to Houston from different parts of the country and the world for back pain treatment.

“My goals are to expand to markets that are desperately in need of quality spine care. There are many good spine surgeons in the world, but there are many, many patients to treat,” said Dr. Steven Cyr, Chief Medical Officer. “I know there are communities in desperate need of my approach to taking care of patients. I plan to grow the practice by carefully adding other spine surgeons with similar training and a sincere desire to treat patients like family in an effort to relieve their pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Cyr was trained at the world-famous Mayo Clinic, a top institution in many medical fields, including neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery. His spine training was a combined fellowship in neurosurgery of the spine and orthopaedic surgery of the spine.

Coupled with 14 years of honing his skills in the military as the Air Force’s Chief Spine Surgeon, consultant to the surgeon general, and his civilian practice, this training has resulted in the successful treatment of many thousands of patients, with amazing outcomes.

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SASpine (Surgical Associates in Spine) is one of the nation’s most elite spine practices. Their CMO, Steven J. Cyr, M.D., is a spine surgeon who has gained a reputation for surgical excellence in Texas, throughout the nation, and abroad. Dr. Cyr and his mid-level providers are experienced at isolating the source of pain and accurately diagnosing and treating symptoms and conditions using both non-operative and operative means.

Visit them online at

San Antonio: 210-487-7463 / Houston: 832-919-7990

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