submission guidelines

MD Monthly covers a broad range of topics related to the medical field. We strive to present clear, informative material that can be read with ease by both medical professionals and our broad general audience.

We publish several categories of material in our print publication. Feature and profile pieces are typically 1,200-1,400 words that make a single, provocative point or detail a compelling figure making great strides in their respective field. Articles concerning new medical businesses, financial information for physicians and the general public, legal matters and mental health are generally 500-800 words. Opinions and analysis should also be 500-800 words. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to respond to all inquiring authors. Though, if your submitted work is selected for publication we will be in direct contact with you. All submitted materials may be edited for clarity, style and length.

For web-only pieces, submissions should generally be 500-1,000 words. Our online material focuses on men, women, children and senior’s health topics. These pieces should be clear, knowledgeable and appropriately cited, should health advice be asserted as fact. Coupled with this, MD Monthly also strives to present informative material for active professionals in the medical community. This may cover valuable innovations in any medical profession, as well as compelling research being conducted.

The best guide to what we are looking for, in terms of substance and style, is what we have already published, so prospective authors should start by browsing archives. We welcome all pitches and consider them on a rolling basis. All submissions should be accompanied by full contact information and a brief note describing the author’s current and past positions. Contributors should be able to provide appropriate citations for any facts or quotations their pieces contain upon request by the editor. The editor retains discretion in deciding whether submitted materials will be published online or in print, though the writer’s preference will be seriously considered in the decision.

All aspiring authors’ work should be submitted in a single-spaced word document, and it should adhere to the style guide. If submitted materials do not adhere to AP style, and we are interested in publishing it, it may be returned to the author for reformatting. For freelance inquiries, writers should submit three writing samples, published or not, and detail any preferred areas of coverage.

Naturally, we encourage all academics and health professionals to submit work, as their expertise is invaluable. For academics and medical professionals interested in contributing work, APA style is accepted. Though, as we try to avoid footnotes, citations may be altered in accordance with AP style.

Unless otherwise informed, we assume any pieces submitted to MD Monthly are being offered exclusively and that no piece accepted for publication will be published elsewhere in any form without our knowledge.

Editorial inquiries and submissions can be sent via email to