Yesterday I performed three breast augmentations. Two were using the usual saline implant with one valve and a single shell layer. The third patient elected to have the ideal implant via inframammary fold incision or under the breast fold incision. All patients had their implants placed under the pectoralis muscle but I will tell you, honestly I loved the feel of the Ideal implant and the shape of the Ideal implant. So even though the Ideal implant cost about the same as silicone gel implants I personally feel they are well worth the money.

I am a board-certified plastic surgeon and have been practicing cosmetic surgery for over 20 years. I have seen the pendulum swing back and forth in regard to silicone gel breast implants. They have been pulled by the FDA and finally reintroduced with special caveats, i.e. that the patients have them replaced every 10 years and get a MRI at three years and every two years thereafter. That is quite an out of pocket expense for the patient! So why do patients elect to put in silicone gel implants? Quite simply because they like the feel.

The Ideal implant helps solve this problem for the patient. The implant really feels very similar to silicone gel. It has a series of implant shells placed together and two separate chambers that hold saline. This helps support the implant edges and decreases collapse and wrinkling. In my opinion, brilliant design!

The new six year clinical trial data for the FDA revealed that the Ideal Implant has the lowest rate of capsule contracture or scar formation around the implant and the lowest rupture or deflation rate for primary breast augmentation compared to any other implants!

“The warranty also covers out-of-pocket expenses up to $2,400 if there is a device failure within the first 10 years”

The reason for the lower capsular contracture is really not known. It may be that the implant internal structure prevents distortion and or that the implant contour is a favorable shape.

The low deflation rate could be due to the lack of crease failures of the shell.

Of note, there has been no crease fold failures reported in 7.5 years of trial follow-up. The baffle shells could be the reason for the decrease rate of crease folds.

Amazingly, the Ideal Implant also comes with lifetime limited warranty if a rupture or deflation occurs due to crease of the shell or loss of shell integrity from unknown cause or loss of valve integrity. The warranty also covers out-of-pocket expenses up to $2,400 if there is a device failure within the first 10 years.

With all of these advantages of the Ideal Implant I feel that it is imperative that these implants be introduced to the patients along with standard saline and silicone gel implants so that patients may make a proper informed decision.


Of note: Dr. Constance Barone does not have any financial association with Ideal Implant Incorporated

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