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6 Hacks to Follow for Acne Prone Skin

6 Hacks to Follow for Acne Prone Skin – By Jessica Ann

Acne is a common enemy of everyone. Whether you have dry or oily skin, you can be a victim of acne if you don’t treat your skin with care. Even the most flawless celebrities get acne, too. You can’t help it. It’s basically hormones. There is, however, a lot of things you can do to prevent, treat and lessen the impact on acne on your skin.

Going on an Acne Diet is an effective way to prevent acne. Some food may be prevalent causes while some can be effective treatments or preventive measures from developing acne. Eating the right food groups and avoiding unhealthy food is extremely helpful especially for individuals who have actively acne prone skin. Here are 6 other hacks to follow for acne prone skin.

1. Bar Soaps for Acne

Using soap is an effective way to start clearing up acne. Soap is a general disinfectant, along with clean water. Using the right bar soap for treating acne is important, as there are some brands and types of soap that can be too invasive for the skin, thus causing more breakout. To choose the best bar soap for acne, select a gentle and alcohol-free brand. Be mindful of the ingredients within the bar soap and if it would be effective to the type of acne that you have. Use bar soaps regularly during bath time to see faster results.

2. Use Acne Charcoal Scrub

The Acne Charcoal Scrub product is an anti-acne formula that helps prevent breakout. This works by removing dead skin cells, dirt and other toxins that may have build up outside and even inside your pores. This active clean up will allow your skin to breathe again, feel light and clean. This formula targets oily skin and acne-prone problematic types of skin. To use the charcoal scrub, wet your face with clear water and use the product to scrub around the face. Wash off with clear water after full coverage of scrubbing.

3. Acne Moisturizer

An acne moisturizer is a type of product that works on acne prevention. This works well for dry and oily skin. Acne moisturizer works by keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated, even when exposed to different elements such as pollution and the heat of the sun. Choose an acne moisturizing product that is light and gentle on the skin. There are brands that also act as anti-fungal treatments that can remove rashes and skin irritations.

4. Use Body Wash

Your back, arms and neck are also sensitive to acne when exposed to different elements. In this case, acne can multiply faster because of the wider surface area that it can grow into if not treated immediately. By using an Acne Body Wash, this will cleanse your skin and body on those targeted areas to clear them out from toxins and remove dead skin cells that can cause and develop acne. Add the use of acne body wash during your bath time to ensure its quicker effectively.

5. Keeva Cream

The Keeva Cream is an all-natural tea tree oil product that promises the removal of acne by rapidly drying out pimples, acne, whiteheads and blackheads for easier and quicker removal. It works by disinfecting your pores and removes other skin blemishes on your face and back. This tea tree oil product will not invade or remove the natural oils of your skin. Instead, it will work with it to fight away acne and invasive elements that can cause acne. The Keeva Cream is most effective to use before going to sleep, and use as a sleep mask.

Tips for Acne Prone Skin

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