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Altus Hospice: The Process

Jessica Taylor is the VP of Sales and Marketing of Altus Hospice Care. 

“At Altus Hospice, we have an all inclusive team. It includes nurses, social workers, chaplains, doctors, bereavement, volunteers, aid. It’s a team of people.

The doctor makes the referral, the nurse goes out and makes sure the patient meets the criteria, and the doctor and the nurse will make a decision if the patient needs to be put on hospice. At that point, when patient is admitted, the history is taken and the plan is made. The plan is made between the doctor and the RN case manager. This is just the beginning.

Then they will be visited by a social worker, a chaplain, assessed for the need of volunteers. This all will happen within the first five days.  Usually there is a team meeting called IDG where they all sit together in the same room and they tweak the plan.”

“This means that every plan is customized according to each patient and family to meet their needs, whether that’s spiritual, emotional, whatever it takes.”

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Altus Hospice was established in Texas in 2007 and has been proudly serving Texas ever since. Our emphasis is on palliative care and quality of life. Every effort is made to make the patient more comfortable and fulfill their wishes. Our team is highly trained to provide patients and families with medical, practical, emotional, and spiritual support. – Altus Hospice Care 

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