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Dr. Melissa Macias with Patient Testimonials 


Dr. Melissa Macias of South Texas Brain and Spine Center in Corpus Christi, Texas sits down with MD Monthly to tell us why patient care is so important to her! 

Patient care is the most important element in my practice, listening to patients, being patient-centric, and really catering to what their needs are. There are so many procedures that can be done, but it’s really important to know you’re doing the right procedure for the right pathology. For me, talking to patients, going through their films and explaining to them why they are in the pain that they’re in is paramount,” explains Dr. Macias. 


Jose R. Salazar, a patient of Dr. Macias:

“I first heard of Dr. Macias because she did surgery on my sister. 2007, November the 12th, I fell off a tree, broke two vertebrates and two or three ribs. I was doing good and ten years later it just hit me overnight. I had no use of my hands or my legs, I couldn’t walk. May 7th, 2017, thanks to God and Dr. Macias I’m doing a lot better. I have good use of my hands, my legs, I can walk, I’m driving. Dr. Maicas is very professional, she’s a very good doctor. I told her she’s a blessing to me.”


Christine Burkhart, a patient of Dr. Macias:

“Before I found Dr. Macias, I had back pain for a very long time. It completely ruined my quality of life. When I would go to the doctor I wouldn’t know how to explain where the pain was, it was just everywhere. Dr. Macias showed me on a screen my own MRI. She was completely explicit about everything and explained everything. Immediately I felt comfortable with her and I knew before the appointment was over, I wanted her to be my surgeon. I’m still in the middle of recovery, but I feel like I’ve come a long way. I feel like I’m going to be able to do stuff with my children more, and not have to suffer the pain. I would recommend Dr. Maicas to anybody. I think she’s wonderful, I think she’s personable, I think she tells you like it is. I feel like I have an active future.”

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