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So you’re pregnant, pregnancy is an exciting time in life filled with many questions. There are few things as miraculous as the creation of new life and the future that entails. For years though, there have been many rumors and myths perpetuated about exercising while pregnant, we want to dispel those myths.

First off, no one is suggesting that you undertake an extreme fitness regimen that would transform your physique into that of a professional athlete or Olympian. Rather, light to moderate physical activity and exercise is extremely beneficial during pregnancy.

Before we get into what kind of exercise is beneficial, you should always check with your doctor, pregnant or not, before engaging in any sort of activity that is drastically different from your current activity levels, and doubly so if you’re going to be responsible for the life growing inside of you. Check with your doctor!

While there is a multitude of benefits to exercising while pregnant, we’ll focus on some of the more common benefits instead of overloading you with information.

One of the first things you’ll notice if you start to exercise or continue your exercise regimen is decreased back pain throughout the term of the pregnancy. Note it’s not saying zero back pain, just decreased from if you hadn’t been exercising. You’ll also enjoy less risk of a deep vein thrombosis which could prove extremely harmful to the fetus and the mother. In many deliveries, mothers who exercised during their pregnancy encounter easier deliveries with fewer medical interventions. Who doesn’t want an easier delivery experience?

While there are risks associated with any exercise or any activity while pregnant, as a whole exercising while pregnant has been shown to be more beneficial than not. As we stated before it is of the utmost importance to talk with your physician when making these types of decisions. They may be aware of an underlying condition that supersedes these known benefits.

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