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Isn’t Microneedling Something That Can Be Done at Home?

Provided By Dr. Jennifer Walden

The value of microneedling treatment has become increasingly apparent in the past few years. This is largely due to the openness of various celebrities who have revealed the non-surgical treatments they rely on to keep their skin smooth and radiant. In reality, microneedling is not a new technique. According to historians, the use of tiny needles pre-dates our modern abrasion therapies such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion with minute crystal particles. Dermal rollers were also developed years before the automated microneedling we know today. It is here where confusion may occur.

What is a Derma Roller?

An early form of collagen induction therapy, dermal rolling is a mechanical technique that is performed either by an esthetician or on your skin. Because dermal rollers are easy to acquire and relatively easy to use, this method of skin rejuvenation may sound appealing. But the mechanical rolling of the skin is not without drawbacks.

The first flaw in self-treating with a dermal roller is the issue with comfort. The fact of the matter is, even tiny punctures to the skin’s surface can be uncomfortable without proper protocol. Dermal rollers are limited regarding needle size, as well, which means more treatment is necessary to obtain the desired outcome. When self-treatment is uncomfortable, consistency in performance is likely to fall short of the intended goal.

Professional Microneedling

Following the same principle of collagen induction using a dermal roller, professional, automated microneedling treatment seeks to increase collagen proliferation by making micro-wounds in the uppermost layers of dermal tissue. Professional treatment differs from mechanical dermal rolling in two significant ways. First, treatment is conducted after a topical numbing cream has been allowed to permeate the epidermis for several minutes. This makes the process much more comfortable (and what is more comfortable is easier to comply with). The second notable difference found with professional microneedling is the ability that we have to adjust the depth of needle penetration. This adjustability is meaningful because skin thickness varies across different parts of the face and body.

Many of the cosmetic concerns that are expressed by our patients have to do with the way the skin ages. Microneedling supports a more graceful process and is gentle enough to become part of your long-term beauty regimen. In just 45 minutes, your skin can be on the road to rejuvenation.

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