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The prospect of getting older and developing age-related ailments, health conditions and diseases frightens most people. As a person grows older they may have to cope with one or more of the ailments that they were so afraid of developing. There are many different diseases and health conditions that are rather scary to contemplate. Among the most frightening of these health conditions are cancer, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, Alzheimer’s and emphysema. Yet sometimes it is those health complaints that are often overlooked that actually cause the most physical discomfort.  For instance, people don’t usually scream with horror at the idea of developing a skin ulcer, though perhaps they should. Skin ulcers, which are sometimes called bed sores, are related to age and/or immobility. Skin ulcers are painful, and can even become life-threatening if they get infected.  

The Grisly Truth

So what exactly is a skin ulcer? Well, that might be a good question to avoid asking if you are at all squeamish, or if you are currently eating lunch. Only those readers who really want to know what a skin ulcer is should read on. The first sign of a bed sore is generally a dark red or purple area of skin. Then the skin ulcer then develops into an open sore. The sore might have dry, flaky skin on it. It is common for skin to slough off the wound. If the sore begins to get infected, it may ooze puss. 

There are a few different causes of skin ulcers. Exposure to intense heat or cold can cause skin ulcers. You can also get them from exposing your skin to corrosive materials. Bed sores are caused by pressure on a certain area of the body inhibiting the flow of blood. The pressure is caused by being restricted to a chair or bed. 

Skin ulcers can be treated. However, if a skin ulcer gets infected, it can be very dangerous. There are three hazardous health conditions associated with infected skin ulcers, and reading about them may cause you to lose your lunch. Necrotizing fasciitis is an infection with a horrible name and an undesired impact. It spreads quickly and destroys the tissues that it comes into contact with.  If necrotizing fasciitis is not treated, the infected individual can die within twenty-four hours. You can also get sepsis from an infected skin ulcer. Sepsis can cause organ failure and send the body into shock. If no treatment is given, sepsis can kill.  Infected skin ulcers can cause gas gangrene too. Gas gangrene is another health condition with a ghastly name, and it is also potentially lethal. It is a relentless form of gangrene that spreads very quickly and destroys infected tissue. Gas gangrene can lead to limb amputation. 

Getting Rid of the Rascals

Just reading about skin ulcers can make delicate individuals vomit into their own mouths a little bit. Yet it’s safe to assume that actually getting one is much worse. Fortunately, there are ways of preventing or treating bed sores. Compression stockings are often used to treat bed sores and prevent new ones from developing. Elevating the legs is also good for treating or preventing skin ulcers. An infected skin ulcer can be treated with a course of antibiotics.  There are also soft pads and mattresses designed specifically for people who suffer from skin ulcers. Certain creams are available for treating skin ulcers too. These creams generally soothe inflammation, prevent infection and help to heal the wound.  People with skin ulcers can also benefit from a healthy diet that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals to facilitate rapid healing. 


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