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In my opinion, mental health is more important than physical health. Why? Because when physical health worsens, we get signals and symptoms and we take help. The same is not true for our mental health. We often don’t understand the signs that something is wrong and if we do, we often keep it quiet.

But that is the worst thing. Our mental health is overall psychology which helps us navigate our feelings and emotions. It is the way you think about others and yourself, and so keeping it in the best condition is crucial.

Also, if your mental health is good, you will be happy, and your physical health will be good too. Like a lot of times, our anxieties or depression or mood swings can harm our bodies.

So, it is the right time now to start working on your mind and making it a peaceful place. Here are some ways that can help you with your bad mental health.

1.      Express gratitude

The world is always ending in one way or another. You will always feel like something about this day is wrong and is not working in your favor. But that is exactly why it is so important to express gratitude for the little things.

There are things that you have which other people are worried about- your career, financial stability, family, and a roof over your head. All this is enough at the moment.

Take out five minutes from your day every morning. Now, write five or even three things that you are grateful for, it will fill you with positivity.

It will show you your blessings, and the universe is trying to push you on to the correct path. So express gratitude and you will see a change in your mindset.

2.      Take the first step

If you think that some aspect of your life is not working in the best way or has problems, do something about it. You don’t have to come up with a whole plan on how to make it right, but recognizing and taking one step towards fixing that issue is a start.

So, take that first step and the rest of the steps will reveal themselves to you.

3.      Be positive

I know staying positive is easier said than done. Still, you have to try. The first step towards this step is to wake up and look in the mirror and tell something positive to yourself. When you don’t say harsh or negative things to yourself every moment, you will feel better mentally.

Also, you can create motivational posters using Canva and hand them in your room or office. This way, you will have the inspiration to feel good and positive even when things get bad.

4.      Sleep well

Sleeping has a great effect on your mental health. When you don’t sleep enough or well, you are frustrated, nervous, restless, moody, and it can also lead to anxiety or overeating leading to depression.

So, sleep well as it gives your body and mind time to repair anything that is not working at its best. If you have trouble sleeping, try relaxing techniques, like listening to calm music or meditating or lighting some essential oil, and so on.

5.      Focus on the now

We all know that we cannot change the past, and our future depends on our present. So, why not make your present the best time. Instead of dwelling on the past, live in the present.

The moment you are in now, take it all in and let go of the things that weigh you down. It is not in your hands if someone is unhappy with you or doesn’t appreciate your presence. You can try to mend things, but you cannot change them.

So, let it go, and instead focus on what you are doing. Drinking water- savor it, pay attention to the water droplets when taking a shower, and so on.

6.      Workout

Keeping that body active is important. You remain fit and also it releases all the tension that you have in your body. It pumps your heart and you release happy hormones that can heal your mental health. So, jump, jog, dance, walk, do yoga, but do something that gets your heart beating.

Helping others can also have a positive effect on your mental health. So make someone smile, and take help if you are not able to get in a good mental space.