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Why Undergo Breast Reduction?

Provided By Dr. Pradeep Mohan of Veda Medical

While big breasts are often considered an ideal, women who have them can attest that they can cause real problems. In 2015, more than 40,000 women decided that breast reduction surgery was the answer for them, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Why do women decide surgery is the solution? There are multiple reasons women might elect to undergo breast reduction surgery.


Symptomatic macromastia sounds intimidating, but it is not the name of some dread disease. It is the medical term doctors use when large breasts create physical problems. The weight of large breasts can trigger chronic pain in the chest wall, neck, back, and shoulders. It is also linked with headaches, poor posture, and sleep disturbances. Skin rashes under and between the breasts are common as well. While nonsurgical treatments do exist for these issues, they usually are far less effective than surgery.

Unfortunately, large breasts can also set the stage for a variety of other health issues because they often make it difficult for women to exercise. Finding sports bras that provide sufficient support is both difficult and costly, making it tough for women with big breasts to enjoy running, jumping, and other physical activities. Since being active is uncomfortable, many of these women adopt more sedentary lifestyles, increasing their risk of obesity and the many health concerns that are associated with it.


Like many plastic surgeries, some patients chose to undergo breast reduction for aesthetic reasons. Large breasts add significant weight to the torso, and they can make an individual look heavier than she is. For women with small frames, big breasts can look and feel disproportionate.

Clothing is another issue, especially for slender women. Finding flattering clothing that fits both a big chest and a small waist is a huge challenge; many women in this situation are forced to turn to tailors for alterations or shop in specialty stores. Even buying bras can be a nightmare. Getting a proper fit is difficult because the larger cups sizes are often only available in larger band sizes.


In many cases, there is also an emotional component involved in the decision to seek a breast reduction. There is a strong cultural association between female breasts and sexuality. This can have uncomfortable connotations for large-chested women, who often feel as though their bust size draws unwanted attention from the people around them or creates an impression that they don’t like.

For large-breasted women who are uneasy with their figures, undergoing breast reduction surgery improves their self-image and allows them to feel more comfortable in their skin. This welcome boost in confidence can have a positive impact on both their personal and professional lives.

While their specific motivations may vary, women who undergo breast reduction surgery can expect to enjoy real benefits. Transitioning to a smaller bust can eliminate chronic pain, make it easier to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, increase the range of fashions available, and improve a woman’s body image. Perhaps that’s why plastic surgeons report that breast reduction patients are among their most satisfied patients.

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