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Provided By: Lisa D

Today women are discovering the health benefits of cannabis, as it’s becoming more and more accepted for females to smoke, vape, or eat marijuana. This is excellent news for the wellbeing of all the women out there. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 benefits and how you can use them to your advantage.

Cannabis for menstrual symptoms

Women’s bodies go through monthly cycles, which means their hormones are changing throughout the month. Many women suffer from hormonal imbalances and painful menstrual periods.

Although there is not much research on cannabis for menstrual symptoms, many women are using marijuana Canada to relieve muscle aches, stomach cramps, and nausea. Research suggests that cannabis is useful as a form of pain relief.

The symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS as it’s usually called, can vary from quite mild to severe. PMS can affect both physical and mental health. Cannabis can improve mental wellbeing and ease the pain – so why not reach for the pipe next time PMS knocks on your door? 

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Cannabis for skincare

Hempseed oil is widely used for skincare, and it is a legal by-product of marijuana. Thanks to the high level of fatty acids, it both hydrates and soothes irritable skin. It has anti-inflammatory effects, and researchers are looking into using cannabis for acne treatment. If you have dry, sensitive skin or you have problems with eczema, cannabis creams can help you get some relief. 

CBD is also a by-product of cannabis that may have some amazing beauty benefits. CBD is found to be anti-inflammatory and acts as an antioxidant. Like hemp seed oil, it’s an excellent choice if you suffer from dry skin and irritable skin. It may even be beneficial if you have psoriasis or eczema.

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Cannabis for mental health

A recent study found that marijuana may decrease depression and be an effective anti-depressant in low doses because it produces serotonin. Over 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and women are impacted by it more than men. Also, depression is one of the leading causes of disability. The controversy surrounding anti-depressants such as Prozac runs high.

Marijuana can also be useful if you suffer from anxiety, as long as you take small doses. The effect is short-term, but it may be a helpful aid in day-to-day situations. Too large doses may result in anxiety increasing. Cannabis regulates the body’s fight-or-flight response and dampens the signals sent to the brain.

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Cannabis as an aphrodisiac

Many women find that cannabis acts as an aphrodisiac and use it to boost their sexual health. A small study reveals that about one-third of US women have at some point used marijuana before sex.

They report increased sexual desire, lust, and better orgasms. There isn’t much research for us to go in-depth on the subject. However, weed is thought to affect the cannabinoid receptor. The cannabinoid receptor is involved in sexual function.

Another theory is the belief that cannabis removes the pressure to perform and helps women relax. In other words, it eliminates the performance anxiety in both men and women. Besides, some people report that they feel more confident in telling their partner about their sexual needs and preferences after smoking.

The dose has a lot to say for the effectiveness of cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Too high doses may lead to uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences while you are under the influence of marijuana. It may be easier to control the dosage if you smoke or vape weed, as the amount and effect from edibles may be harder to control. Higher doses might cause you to feel high for a longer time, compared to lower doses.

Cannabis for chronic pain

Cannabis act as a pain relief for women who suffer from chronic pain.  For example, 1 out of 10 women in Australia, who suffer from endometrioses, use cannabis to ease the pain. The women tried different solutions to mitigate the painful disease, such as heat packs, yoga, dietary changes, and exercise. Several countries and states made it legal to use medical marijuana: Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and many more.

The most favored and effective solution was cannabis, primarily among them who suffered severe symptoms. If the symptoms are mild, then mild treatments such as heat packs would suffice. The higher the pain, the greater need for effective relief.

Cannabis can also be used as pain management for many symptoms and illnesses and not just endometriosis. According to the Hawaii Journal of Medicine & Public Health, the participants in a study from 2014, reported that they experienced a 64 percent decrease. Many of them also noted better sleep and less anxiety. You can now get outdoor marijuana seeds in 2020 and grow them at the comfort of your home. So, grow your favorite strain and smoke it up to reap the benefits.

A summary of the benefits

There are many good reasons why women should try cannabis. However, research suggests that the right dosage level is crucial for you to reap the health benefits. The evidence indicates that low dosages are more effective, as too much cannabis seems to reverse the health benefits. If you stick to your limits, marijuana may be a great supplement to your self-care routine.