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Provided by: Lisa D

Staying healthy and young is something that entices every individual, and it is a prerogative for leading an enjoyable life. Although aging is not preventable or reversible with the right combination of exercise and a healthy diet, you can slow down the aging process and remain young for longer. Nutrition contains the building blocks of our body and the energy to sustain it. Eating the right foods can have a massive impact on your health. 

Our bodies require an adequate amount of exercise to maintain the body in the optimum shape and be healthy. You need to find the right proportion of exercise and a healthy diet in your daily routine for staying at the peak of your prowess. Although every factor that affects our health may not be in our control, diet and exercise are two critical aspects that can aid in sustaining proper health. 

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle with the help of exercises and the right diet aids in improving the fitness of the body, and it also prevents diseases from afflicting you. Preventing healthcare is beneficial for overall health and also in reducing health care costs. You can incorporate these changes into your lifestyle even when you lead a busy life with little free time. 

This article will help you by enlisting the five ways to include exercise and a good diet in your lifestyle. 

1. Starting Properly

The best way to get a good start to your daily routine is by starting early. Most of us know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regular consumption of breakfast has a direct link with lowering the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, according to an article in the Harvard Health Letter. The muscles and brain in your body need the energy to work, and having a nutritious breakfast serves to replenish your blood sugar levels. 

A healthy and nourishing breakfast is especially crucial for the days when you have exercise in your schedule. When you skip your breakfast, it can leave you feeling lethargic and light-headed while working out. Eating the right kind of breakfast is paramount to a good day, and many people resort to a breakfast that contains only simple carbohydrates to kick off their day. 

You need to incorporate a breakfast that contains a high amount of fibers and protein along with micronutrients and vitamins to sustain you throughout the day. It will also nourish you with the energy required for exercising and keep the hunger pangs at bay for longer. Switch to oat bran, oatmeal, or whole-grain cereals instead of cereals from refined grains that are full of sugar. 

The refining process eliminates the majority of nutrients from the grains. Your body will quickly absorb the sugar from the grains due to lack of fiber resulting in a glucose spike in the blood. Eating nuts, yogurt, or milk is also beneficial for catering to the protein requirements. Contrary to the modern trend of cutting down on carbohydrates, you need to consume an adequate amount of carbohydrates in a day to stay healthy and follow a workout routine. 

Carbohydrates are the predominant source of energy for your body and you need carbohydrates to provide the energy your muscles require during exercise. Whole grains provide energy for an extended period as they require a longer duration to digest and hence release energy slowly. They also contain many of the minerals and vitamins that are essential for the body to function normally. 

2. Create A Workout Schedule

You need to create a workout plan for yourself that you will be able to follow as part of your daily routine with minimal effort. The schedule must contain exercises that push your limits without being intimidating to go through every day. You must include the various forms of exercises such as cardio, strength training, and flexibility to gain the best results. The variety in activities will help you avoid the boredom and motivate you to follow your workout schedule. 

You must start with the habit of working out by including the simplest exercises in your schedule and then progressively adding more intense workouts. Mornings are the best time to work out if you can spare the time as it will keep your metabolism high throughout the day. 

You need to finish your exercise at least two hours before going to sleep to ensure that you provide your body with enough time to relax and get ready to rest. Strength training involves the exercise of the major muscle groups in your body such as back, core, legs, and arms. By incorporating strength training in your workout routine, you can build up muscle mass in your body. These exercises also help to tone your body and lose bodyweight as it increases your metabolism. 

Cardio exercises are vital for your health as it exercises the muscles of your heart by raising your heart rate and decreasing your risk of suffering from heart disease. Flexibility exercises help in lengthening and stretching your muscles, thereby minimizing the risk of muscle injury and improving recovery rates. Flexibility exercises also improve balance and posture, and it allows you to perform various activities with ease. You can also use stimulants like ibutamoren canada before your workouts to increase the capacity of your body to undergo physical exertion.  

3. Enlist The Services Of Professionals

If you are unsure of what to eat or how to exercise, it’s best to consult an expert. If you think your diet is deficient, a nutritionist can help you in designing the ideal diet plan according to your body and your needs. The nutritionist will take into account your weight, age, and any prevailing health conditions before making your diet plan. This custom diet will ensure that you meet your nutritional requirements. 

You will also receive advice on avoiding certain foods that can be detrimental to your health and on ways to minimize your intake of cholesterol, fat, and sugar. If you are unfamiliar with exercises or lack the motivation to engage in a routine with exercise daily, a personal trainer can help you. They can motivate and customize your exercise schedule according to your medical history and physical capacity. 

Most of the gyms have a personal trainer available, and they can serve to design a custom exercise schedule for you. They will do this by including the perfect proportion of cardiovascular exercises with strength training. The trainer will teach you how to perform individual activities and show you by example. They will also watch over you while performing exercises to correct mistakes in posture, which can prevent injuries from incorrect exercising.  

The USDA also provides guidelines regarding the recommendations on how much vegetables, fruits, dairy, proteins, and whole grains an average individual needs to consume every day. While following a diet, ensure that you adhere to at least the minimum requirements of daily servings of every element to prevent deficiency. If you are aiming for weight loss, you need to start by slowly reducing your daily calories instead of sudden changes. 

4. Try An Approach Of Mindfulness

Try to listen to your body while you exercise instead of distracting your mind by focusing on how your body feels while you perform various exercises. Focusing on the movements of your muscles or the rhythmic tune of your breath will allow you to clear your flow of negative thoughts that may be causing stress and anxiety. You will also be able to improve the physical benefits of exercise on your body quickly. 

Exercise is also an excellent stimulus for the nervous system and can be effective in treating conditions such as trauma and PTSD. Exercises that involve all four of your limbs are ideal for practicing mindfulness. If you do not have sufficient time to engage in exercises every single day, you can split it into small sessions or integrate it with your daily activities. Yard work and housework are excellent chores in which you can include exercises. 

5. Changing Your Lifestyle

Including exercises and a healthy diet as a component of your everyday life is the first step towards making a change in your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle can be an enormously difficult task and the majority of people will require the support of counseling and motivation to make the change. Since every individual has their lifestyle, you will need to adopt a unique approach for making changes to it. You will need to follow through with your decision to follow a better lifestyle with persistence. 


According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you need to consume the right quantity of fluids and food both before and after exercising to maintain the glucose level in your blood. This can help in speeding up the recovery process and achieve peak performance during exercising. Hydration is particularly important for keeping the balance in the level of fluids in your body as you deplete your reserves while exercising. 

Although proper exercise and diet are incredibly beneficial, you will need to be patient and persevere over a long period to start enjoying the results of your habits. There are no short cuts to good health, and contrary to popular belief, you do not need to follow a strict and rigid lifestyle. You must remember to avoid any drastic changes and start including more aspects of diet and exercise slowly into your lifestyle.  The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are something that has an effect on your body in the long term.