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7 Stretches For Reducing Morning Stiffness

Do you find it painful or annoying when you get out of bed because
of morning stiffness? Well, you aren’t alone. Morning stiffness is a pretty common
problem for middle-aged to older adults.

But, it’s not all bad! The below-mentioned stretching exercises will help you tackle
these problems, reduce morning stiffness, and alleviate pain. Muscle tightness and
morning stiffness can be easily overcome by stretches as they lengthen your muscles,
warm up your body, and increase blood flow to your organs, tissues, and muscles. It’s
a great way to naturally mitigate your morning-movement woes and ease away any
stress, pain, and strain.

Interesting enough? Here are seven stretches to overcome morning stiffness and easily alleviate joint discomforts.

1. Be a cobra: This yoga pose is considered to be an easy, effective, and efficient way
to overcome morning stiffness. It is best-known for its unique ability to improve the
flexibility of your spine. Plus, it even stretches your chest while strengthening both
the shoulders and spine. It also helps you to open your lungs, which is a therapeutic
remedy for asthma. This yoga stretching pose stimulates your abdominal organs and
improves digestion.

Apart from this plethora of benefits, cobra pose energizes your backbend and reduces
stress, fatigue, and morning stiffness. To perform this exercise, you should lie on the
floor (on your stomach), while having your toes flat. Also, make sure to rest your
forehead on the ground. Now, gently place the palms on the ground right beneath
under the shoulders. Your elbows should remain parallel and close to the body.
Inhale and then slowly try to lift your head, abdomen, and chest but keep the pubic
bones of your body on the floor. Do not overextend your back and perform a slight
bend in your elbows. Now, try to tilt your head slowly and keep your shoulders away
from the ears. Repeat this pose for 4 – 5 times on every morning for maximum

2. Do the twist: Twists are an excellent way to squeeze out and decompress the
anxiety, fatigue, and frustrations. Not only do they help you accomplish your fitness
goals, but also they stimulate and detoxify your core organs of the torso. A simple
spinal twist may even help you to restore balance and reduce morning stiffness. It will
loosen up your lower back and make it more flexible.

To perform this spinal twist, please follow the steps (described below)

  1. Lie down on your back while having your legs straight
  2. Keep your arms stretched on one side
  3. Try to swing the right leg over the left leg and twist at the hip
  4. Make sure that the right leg is lying at a 90-degree angle
  5. While keeping your shoulders placed on the floor, turn your head at the opposite direction of your bent leg
  6. Take 2 – 4 deep breaths and repeat it for the another side

3. Neck and shoulder stretch: Your upper back area (including your neck) holds
loads of tension. Therefore, you are recommended to perform some neck and shoulder
stretches to overcome this problem, such as Chin Retractions and Neck Rolls.

To perform Chin Retractions, all you will need to move the chin forward and then
carefully pull it back (while slightly tucking it in towards your throat). While
performing this pose, please keep your chin straight.

Likewise, you may perform Neck Rolls to reduce the problems of tense muscles and
morning stiffness. Simply tilt your head at the right then gently roll it to your chest. That’s it; it’s too simple!

4. Single leg hug: Single leg hug or wind relieving pose is a great way to relax and
unwind your leg muscles, ankles, and glute region. To perform this pose, please lie on
the back, while having your legs extended and keep your back straight. Also, keep your
hips level and lower back down to the floor. Now, slowly bend the left knee and hug it
towards your chest, while placing your hands on the back-side of your thigh. Take a
few deep breaths and hold them for 20 – 30 seconds.

5. Side stretch: Do you know the benefits of side stretching? Well, these poses can
lengthen your muscles between the pelvis and ribs, including the parts of your low
back and sides of your rib cage. It brings a great balance to the entire body. Even
more, it lengthens and elongates the hips, abdominal muscles, and thigh muscles.
Additionally, it improves your rib cage mobility, increases flexibility in your spine,
and even helps you to expanse the lungs that makes your breathing much easier in all
situations. The best part is — this yoga pose is very easy to perform. Plus, it doesn’t
take much time to practice this yoga pose.

To perform this yoga, try to stand in a posture so that the right hand is placed on the
bed. Now, cross your left leg in-front- of the right leg. Shift into your left hip and try to
reach the left arm up and over the head, so that it creates a long line from your left
ankle to your left fingertips.

6. Long stretch: Stretching confers a plenty of benefits, such as stress release, faster
recovery, pain relief, mindfulness, body awareness, flexibility, and better range of
motion. Apart from that, stretching even helps you to easily attain your specific fitness
goals (if any). Stretching (especially long stretch) is pretty helpful to reduce morning
stiffness. To practice this yoga stretching, deeply inhale and reach your arms high up
your overhead. Next, exhale and switch back to your original or initial standing

7. Standing hamstring stretch: This is a great exercise for your rear-thigh muscles
(hamstrings) and lower back. For your reference, here are the five simple steps to
perform a standing hamstring stretch.

  1. Stand on your left foot that’s in front of the right foot. Gently lift your left toes.
  2. Slightly bend the right knee and pull the abdominals gently inward.
  3. Lean forward from the hips and rest your palms on the top of the right thigh for better balance and support.
  4.  Keep the shoulders relaxed.
  5. Repeat the same exercise while forwarding the right leg.

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