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Provided by Dr. Irina Minina


Summer is a season of new growth and new beginnings. It marks the end of cold winter days, and everything begins to bloom in the natural world. Unfortunately, it’s also a very fickle season in terms of the weather. The days are warm, or even hot. Sometimes it is rainy or windy.

While the confused weather is undoubtedly better than the blistering cold, ice and wind that comes with winter, it doesn’t spell great news for your skin. That is why it is imperative that everyone remembers to take proper care of their most visible asset. Here, we discuss six simple skincare tips that everyone needs to know in order to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

1: Wash Skin Nightly

Just before you lay down to sleep each night, wash your face with a gentle acne wash. Don’t rewash in the morning, because this can dry skin out. Instead, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry before going about your normal morning routine.

2: Moisturize Skin Nightly

After washing skin each night, apply a moisturizer designed for your specific skin type. Generally, people with dry skin will want a thicker moisturizer than those with oily skin. Combination skin types may need two different moisturizers to get the best results.

3: Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is good for your whole body and this includes your skin. When you become dehydrated, skin can appear dull or sallow. With enough water, skin will look youthful and glowing.

4: Use Sunblock

Anytime you plan to spend more than a few minutes outside, make sure you apply an adequate amount of sunblock to any exposed skin. Sunburns aren’t just painful and unsightly, but they are really bad for your skin health. Besides drying out the skin and generally looking terrible, too many sunburns can increase the risk of certain skin cancers.

5: Wash Your Pillowcase

Your skin rubs all over your pillowcase while you sleep, which carries dead skin cells and oil. When you lay back down on the pillow, that material transfers back to your skin, which can cause acne breakouts. You should try to wash pillow cases every other night.

6: Dry Your Face Often

Working up a good sweat might mean calories are getting burned, but it can also cause oil and perspiration to buildup on your skin. When working out or enjoying the great outdoors, remember to gently pat your face dry often to reduce the risk of breakouts.

These six simple skincare tips for summer can help keep your skin healthy and beautiful all season long. While it is always best to stick to your skincare routine, everyone gets busy. If you miss something once, don’t fret. Just pick right back up on your normal routine to continue achieving optimal results.




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