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Article Provided By Altus Hospice 

When people think about retirement, most imagine a spot on the beach or tucked away on a scenic mountainside. This may even be the vision you have for your own post-working years. Yet more people than ever are choosing to retire in small to mid-sized college towns. Why?

Accessible Healthcare

College towns typically have a high number of doctors per capita and a hospital within a reasonable driving distance, if not within the same town. This makes healthcare accessible, which is a primary concern for senior citizens who face the effects of aging. Many senior citizens also suffer from health issues which range from mild to severe.

Culture, Events, and Active Nightlife

College towns are culturally thriving. There is never a dull moment, and many of these towns host a lot of local events like fairs and festivals.

Depending on the town, there might also be museums, dance halls (modern and classical), and theaters. Many college towns have quick access to the great outdoors in some form, whether it be mountains, beach, flatlands, or woodlands. Of course, there are always plenty of eateries and coffee shops.  

Opportunity to Further Education

Many colleges have begun to offer low-cost classes to seniors who wish to further their education. A very small amount of colleges offer these classes to senior citizens free of charge. This allows retirees the opportunity to learn new things and occupy the free time that comes with retirement.

Many people don’t realize that an abundance of free time can actually spell trouble for a retiree’s mental health. Without socialization and something consistent to look forward to in their schedule, many seniors are at risk for developing depression. Depression is known to compromise the immune system, which makes it easier for retirees to become sick.

Low Cost of Living

While it isn’t true of all college towns, many of them feature a low cost of living. This is important to retirees, who will be living on a fixed income. To find out which college towns are the most affordable, retirees are urged to do their research before making any definitive moving plans.

With so many benefits, it’s obvious why more retirees than ever are choosing to spend their post-working years in college towns. Not only is there always something to do, but also a low cost of living and accessible healthcare. The same reasons that these towns so great for young college students are the same that makes them perfect for retirees.