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Provided By: Dr. William Albright

SAN ANTONIO — Dr. William Albright at Alamo Plastic Surgery is bringing a new level of cosmetic surgery education and experience to San Antonio.  He continually strives to educate patients on how to obtain incredible long lasting results which are customized to each patient.  As an example, breast augmentation is commonly viewed as many as a straightforward procedure with many plastic surgeons performing the same surgery with the similar volume implant for majority of patients.  This approach often leads to long term complications and unnecessary breast implant revision surgeries.  Dr. Albright published a unique infographic with pros and cons of each implant pocket.  Based on the goals of the individual patient, they can choose the right type of surgery for them.  Dr. Albright spends time with the patient answering their questions and evaluating their personal goals to provide the best possible experience and results.

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An implant pocket (three main types) is created for the implant to be placed and positioned and helps determine the implant type and size. 

1.     Total Submuscular (Under Muscle) – This is the most common type of breast augmentation which involves placing the implant completely under the muscle.  Since the muscle and breast tissue cover the implant, both silicone and saline implants may be used.  There is a low risk of long term complications except waterfall deformity.

2.     Partial Submuscular (Dual Plane) – Quickly rising in popularity as it provides both breast soft tissue and some muscle coverage of the implant.  Dr. Albright recommends only silicone implants.  Most long term considerations are low risk except for potential implant displacement due to muscle contractions.  With the proper physical restrictions, the complication should be minimized.  

3.     Subglandular (Prepectoral) – This is the least common breast augmentation implant pocket as it provides the least coverage of the implant.  It is easier to achieve more cleavage, but this advantage is offset by a higher chance for implant rippling and capsular contracture.  Only silicone implants are recommended.

Other common breast surgeries include making the nipple or areola smaller or lifting the breast.   

About Dr. William AlbrightA leading board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Albright consistently delivers life-changing plastic surgery experiences and outcomes for his patients.  Alamo Plastic Surgery specializes in breast enhancement surgeries, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction. The team provides exceptional value to its patients through education, empowerment, and incredible surgical results.