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Altus Hospice: Insurance 

Video of Jessica Taylor, VP of Sales and Marketing at Altus Hospice

“Hospice is actually one of the benefits that Medicare pays for pretty much 100 percent,” says Jessica Taylor of Altus Hospice Care.

Jessica Taylor of Altus Hospice Care sits down for an exclusive interview with MD Monthly. She talks about the cost of hospice and the care they provide at Altus Hospice. 

“When a patient is referred to hospice, it takes away all of the other steps that a patient or a family has to go through to have their needs met. For example, all medication are covered as long as it’s part of the hospice diagnosis and part of what we’re taking care of,” she explains. 

“If they need another medicine, we don’t have to wait around and call their doctor and wait for that call back. It happens just like that for us. If they need a hospital bed or equiptment for oxygen – Instead of having to wait around for a home health company to go out and do that, we can make that happen overnight. We can make that happen in two hours.

Medicare does cover it, Medicaid does cover it, most private insurances companies also cover hospice,” explains Taylor. 

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Altus Hospice was established in Texas in 2007 and has been proudly serving Texas ever since. Our emphasis is on palliative care and quality of life. Every effort is made to make the patient more comfortable and fulfill their wishes. Our team is highly trained to provide patients and families with medical, practical, emotional, and spiritual support. – Altus Hospice Care 

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