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Why Your Children Should Be Vaccinated

Provided by Providence Hospital

If you’re a parent, you are probably quite familiar with the anti-vaccination movement. In fact, your parenting groups and social media pages are probably filled with proponents of this movement, ranting, and raving about how vaccines cause autism and are unnatural and unhealthy for children.

Even intelligent people can fall victims to this horrible ideology. After all, the leaders of this movement can be quite aggressive and at times quite convincing. They frequently cite sources that seem credible at first glance.

While they might have compelling spokespeople, the anti-vaccination movement has absolutely no credible science on its side. To help remind you of what you probably already know deep down, here’s why your children should be vaccinated.

There’s No Data That Supports The Claims of The Anti-Vaccination Movement

Autism exists. There’s no denying that thousands of children every year are diagnosed with autism. Many parents within the anti-vaccination movement whose children were diagnosed with autism wanted someone or something to blame and that blame landed on vaccines.

That’s the long and short of this movement, to be frank. Until this movement emerged roughly a decade ago, almost all children in developed Western countries were receiving vaccines. Vaccines became a scapegoat for parents whose children were diagnosed with autism.

It’s important to understand that there has never been any medical or scientific study that has found a credible connection between autism and vaccines. If vaccines caused autism, we’d have far more autistic youths than we do.

The Potential Harm of The Anti-Vaccination Movement is Catastrophic

When a measles outbreak shook California, it became clear that the origin of the outbreak was unvaccinated children. These children weren’t from low-income communities whose parents didn’t have the knowledge or resources to vaccinate their kids. Rather, these children were from extremely affluent communities where parents had been indoctrinated into the anti-vaccination movement.

Anti-vaccination advocates claim that the risk posed by vaccines outweighs the risks posed by diseases like measles. This is incredibly dangerous thinking that could lead to the demise of countless children. There’s no evidence that vaccines cause autism or any other illnesses, but there’s a whole host of evidence that the anti-vaccination movement has already done significant damage to a myriad of children.

The bottom line is that you need to get your children vaccinated at a reputable hospital. Don’t rely on the opinions of Hollywood actresses and Facebook keyboard activists. Instead, rely on the knowledge and wisdom of doctors, nurses and medical researchers. Still concerned or have more questions, please contact us by calling (281) 453-7110 or fill out an appointment request for a consultation.


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