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Dr. Steven Cyr Announces Houston Expansion – SA Spine

Dr. Steven Cyr is the Chief Medical Officer for the Surgical Associates in Spine, known as SA Spine. He is a spine surgeon for the specialty training in both orthopedic surgery of the spine and neurologic surgery of the spine. Watch the video or read below to learn more about his expansion to Houston. 

Where did SA Spine originally began and where are you expanding to?

SA Spine originally began in San Antonio and has recently expanded into the Houston market. Houston has a little bit of a different market than what I found in San Antonio. In San Antonio, a lot of doctors have one location, one practice and don’t tend to have multiple satellite locations, but Houston is so expansive geographically, probably the best thing to do to make sure that we have access from all points of Houston is have satellite locations in different areas of Houston. Our initial office was open in the West Chase district and we have offices planned for the Woodlands area as well as the Heights area.

Tell us about your training at the Mayo Clinic.

Well, the Mayo Clinic is where I had my spine training and the Mayo Clinic fellowship is unique in that very few fellowships in the country focus on both neurologic surgery of the spine and orthopedic surgery of the spine techniques and training the fellows.

But at Mayo, because we have both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons training the spine surgeons, the outcome as far as special team training goes, is a little bit unique. It’s a different level of training where you have basically the best of both worlds. And there are a lot of patients here that are looking for a good spine care and although there are a lot of spine surgery options here, we thought that the Mayo Clinic way might have a place in this new location.

How has the transition to Houston been?

Dr. Steven Cyr | January MD Monthly Magazine

Dr. Steven Cyr of SA Spine

You know to be honest with you, I have several friends from Houston but I haven’t ever spent a lot of time in Houston until recently.

And what I come to find about Houston, in addition to the amazing food, it’s a beautiful place because there are so many people from so many different backgrounds.

More on SA Spine:

SA SPINE (Surgical Associates in Spine) is one of the nation’s most elite spine practices. Our CMO, Steven J. Cyr, M.D., is a spine surgeon who has gained a reputation for surgical excellence in Texas, throughout the nation, and abroad. Dr. Cyr and his mid-level providers are experienced at isolating the source of pain and accurately diagnosing and treating symptoms and conditions using both non-operative and operative means.  We strive to treat the whole patient from the onset of pain to post-surgical rehabilitation.

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Call them today! San Antonio: 210-487-7463 / Houston: 832-919-7990

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