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[dropcap size=big]O[/dropcap]besity is a significant public health concern. The epidemic affects approximately 93 million Americans. It is now considered to be a life-threatening disease, responsible for reducing quality of life and increasing mortality rates for patients who suffer from excess body fat. Surgical intervention is the most effective treatment to help extremely overweight individuals find confidence and hope for the possibility of change and progress.

Dr. David Lam, an experienced gastro-intestinal and colonic surgeon with General Surgeons of Pasadena, is now offering bariatric surgical intervention to help extremely overweight patients successfully and safely achieve their weight-loss goals.

Data indicates that 35 percent of all adults and a shocking 17 percent of children are clinically obese and at high risk to develop weight-related conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, fertility problems, respiratory conditions and numerous cancers. According to the National Institute of Health, a combination of poor diet and physical inactivity is considered the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Obesity, however, is a complex disease.

Many sufferers of obesity struggle with weight loss, and they’re unable to successfully lose weight through traditional means, like diet and exercise. In addition to behavior, the Center for Disease Control has identified a person’s environment and their genetic predisposition toward obesity as causal factors beyond the patient’s control. Dr. Lam’s sleeve gastrectomy is the opportunity for bariatric patients to end their futile struggles, take back their power, and regain control of their personal health and wellness.

“Data indicates that 35 percent of all adults and a shocking 17 percent of children are clinically obese and at high risk to develop weight-related conditions”

Vertical-Sleeve-GastrectomyAccording to the American Gastroenterological Association, bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity. Specifically, a gastrectomy is ideal because it successfully restricts an individual’s consumption by reducing the stomach’s capacity, which is achieved by surgically removing a large portion. The functioning stomach that remains is now less than 1/3 of its original size. Patients experience a sensation of being full more quickly, which lasts longer than normal. The results are concurrent with other restrictive procedures. After the gastric sleeve bariatric surgery, the typical patient achieved a loss of two to four pounds per week, resulting in the total loss of nearly 75 percent of excess body fat. As expected, surgical intervention coupled with a responsible diet and exercise plan yielded the best outcomes.

Compared to gastric bypass or the LAP-BAND, Dr. Lam recommends the sleeve gastrectomy procedure as the best form of bariatric surgical intervention. The procedure is conducted laparoscopically. The tiny instruments and camera guiding Dr. Lam’s experienced hands require only a few small incisions, dramatically reducing his patients’ risk for complications. Additionally, the minimally invasive approach reduces stress on the patient overall by limiting the surgery’s impact on unaffected areas.

Are You A Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

• Do you have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 +?


• Do you have a BMI 35 to 39.9 with a significant obesity-related condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, sleep apnea or reflux disease?

• Have you tried unsuccessfully to lose weight?

“Obesity is a significant public health concern. The epidemic affects approximately 93 million Americans”


Meet with Dr. Lam. Together, you can explore your options and eligibility for a gastric sleeve procedure. Dr. David Lam is affiliated with the facilities and collaborative specialists at Bayshore Medical Center. Board-certified by the American Board of Surgery and a member of the Harris County Medical Society and Texas Medical Association, Dr. David Lam received his education and credentials from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Specializing in general surgery, his patients benefit from experience and skills developed after more than 20 years in practice.

Dr. Lam’s other procedures include:

• Appendectomy

• Cholecystectomy (gallbladder)

• Thyroid

• Hernia Repair

• Colonic and gastrointestinal surgery, including bariatric gastric sleeve surgery

• Splenectomy

• Breast Surgery

Weight-loss surgery is the best treatment for obesity. There are a number of factors to consider when contemplating the surgery and the change. Contact the General Surgeons of Pasadena and schedule an appointment with Dr. David Lam to discuss his sleeve gastrectomy procedure. It is unnecessary to battle the disease alone; Dr. Lam can help and together you can shape your future.


For more information visit or call 713.944.2240. Dr. David Lam and the General Surgeons of Pasadena are located at 3801 Vista Road, Suite 450 in Pasadena, TX 77504.

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