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Dr. Lisa Marten – South Texas Eye Institute 

Dr. Lisa Marten is an ophthalmologist at South Texas Eye Institute. She sat down and had an interview with MD Monthly to discuss her her life as an ophthalmologist.


How long have you been practicing at South Texas Eye Institute, and what can you offer patients?

It’s going to be my tenth year to practice here at South Texas Eye Institute. We offer a full range of ophthalmology and optometry eye care, so we have optometrist and ophthalmologists that care for the patients as well. We see patients of all ages! They can come in for LASIK, cataracts, or just general eye care. LASIK and other refractive surgeries are very popular procedures for us. It is a very safe procedure at this point.  She reminds patients, “It’s always a good idea to come and get your eyes checked even if your vision is good, especially if you are over the age of 40 to 45.”

What do you love about working with South Texas Eye Institute?

Our practice is unique because it’s not about the patient’s eyes, it’s about the whole patient. We treat the patents and they leave happy, they leave satisfied, they feel like we have treated the in general, as a person. Patients are able to come here and receive a full range of treatments, as opposed to having to go to another surgery center to have their treatments done. It isn’t just about glasses, there’s a lot of other reasons why you can have blurred vision including diseases in the back of the eye that are sometimes systemic.

There was a patient in particular who was in a wheelchair because he wouldnt see well enough to walk. He got cataract surgery, he got rid of the wheelchair, so he was very happy to walk into his post-op appointment.

Patient testimony:

I saw Dr. Marten for LASIK. I could not see far away, I was nearsighted, and now I can see 20/20.


In order to come see us at South Texas Eye Institute, you can visit our website at and you can request an appointment that way.  You can call us at 210-692-1388 to request an appointment as well.

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