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Dr. Pradeep Mohan of Veda Medical Discusses Patient Care and His New Practice

My name is Dr. Pradeep Mohan and I am a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Veda Medical. I’ve been in practice now for almost 10 years. Here at Veda Medical, we offer an array of plastic surgery and reconstructive options. I’m a cosmetic surgeon so we have the entire field of cosmetic surgery at your disposal in regards to both surgical and non surgical intervention. I work with burns and wound patients as well. In addition to that, we do a whole array of reconstructive surgery. Whether that breast reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction, or upper or lower extremity reconstruction.

I think the greatest achievement that I have in regards to my practice that I built has been in cosmetic surgery, particularly in secondary and tertiary reconstructions. So we are really privileged to have some of the best technologies that are available to us today.  

The lasers that we have are actually from a company called Inmode. They are the most cutting edge as well as respected lasers in the market. The lasers that are actually fantastic are the body tight and face tight lasers. In addition we also have Botiva. Botiva is one of the latest lasers that they have for vaginal rejuvination. One of the last things we have is Fractora. Fractora is a micro-needling laser that has a micro-needling system but has a laser with it.

Our greatest privilege at Veda Medical is to be able to help patients who have breast cancer ongoing, or who have had breast cancer in the past.We do a lot of primary procedures as well. I am also well respected and known for my hand and microsurgery procedures. Hand surgery itself involves the hand as well as the wrist. We treat everything that occurs both traumatically as well as electively, such as nerve compression. Microsurgery is a specialized technique that uses an operating microscope to help treat very small or fine areas of the body, such as blood vessels.

Our practice is actually featuring a free consultation for all patients who would like to come in and discuss anything within the cosmetic surgery or non surgical cosmetic realm.

At the end of the day, a patient being happy with their outcome and their surgical ability  to do what they want to do, that’s really the key to our practice.


The best way to contact us is through our office number at 210-566-VEDA or you can also visit us online at

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