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Facetite May Be the Non-Surgical Treatment You’ve Been Waiting For

Provided by Dr. Jennifer Walden

We all know that facial aging cannot be avoided. The body naturally changes with time, even when we are careful to supply it with what it needs. That being said, there is no reason to sit back and accept the formation of lines and wrinkles if you don’t want to. Cosmetic plastic surgery isn’t your only option for a rejuvenated appearance. We enjoy showing patients how innovative technologies can meet their needs for the appropriate degree of facial rejuvenation. Here, we want to discuss how FaceTite™ works.

FaceTite™ is one of several radiofrequency treatments that has been developed in the last few years. Because there are numerous options for skin tightening without surgery, it is important to ask why you may choose one treatment protocol over another. This is when a personal consultation in our Austin office can be most beneficial. At its core, what radiofrequency does for the skin is incite the remodeling of the superficial collagen matrix beneath the surface. Collagen is vital to the skin’s firmness and overall resiliency and is only effective when it is strong and in ample supply. The objective in radiofrequency anti-aging treatments is to positively affect the production of this important protein.

Here’s Where Facetite™ Stands Out

Currently, the average radiofrequency skin-tightening and smoothing treatment delivers energy from the outside only. Most applicators focus radio waves at the skin, which allows for a degree of absorption through the epidermis and layer of superficial tissue. FaceTite™ goes a step further. This bipolar radiofrequency treatment conducts from an outside electrode, and also from a tiny internal probe that is inserted just beneath the skin. It is the synergy between the two points of energy that creates a dramatic change in the tightness of the skin.

Advancements in technology provide benefit to our patients who want the best results without the downtime of surgery. This facial contouring treatment is often performed on the lower and mid face, reducing the appearance of jowls and general laxity. FaceTite™ may also be performed on the chin and neck, as well as on the upper face to slightly lift the brows and rejuvenate the eyes.

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