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Novus Scientific Relaunches TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh in U.S. Market

Innovative resorbable surgical mesh to support and reinforce soft tissue before absorbing completely.

Novus Scientific AB announces the U.S. market relaunch of TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh through Insightra Medical, Inc., a full-line hernia technology supplier.

Made from synthetic polymers, TIGR® Matrix is a long-term resorbable surgical mesh intended to support and reinforce soft tissue for six months before absorbing completely after three years. Primarily utilized in the U.S. for hernia surgeries, it has been FDA-approved since 2010 and is available in three sizes. Consisting of dual-stage degradation and full resorption, TIGR® Matrix provides strength and flexibility when both are most needed by patients during the healing phase.

Novus Scientific first announced its strategic alliance with Insightra Medical in November 2015 to tap into the U.S. company’s national direct sales channel. Distribution plans were put on hold, however, as Insightra was soon acquired and restructured by GPB Capital Holdings, LLC, a New York-based alternative asset management firm with over $1.5 billion in assets under management.1

“We first chose Insightra Medical as our U.S. distributor due to its reputation as a leading supplier of hernia and soft tissue repair technology. Now, with GBP Capital’s backing, Insightra is an even stronger partner for us, and we are confident TIGR® Matrix will soon have the brand recognition and widespread use in the U.S. that it possesses around the world,” says Thomas Engström, CEO of Novus Scientific.

“Novus Scientific and Insightra Medical are both innovators in the hernia market with a focus on reduced pain and patient trauma, which sets both companies apart from a classical hernia mesh, manufacturers. GPB Capital sees enormous growth potential in the U.S. for TIGR® Matrix, and the companies’ synergies make Insightra Medical and Novus perfect partners for such a strategic alliance,” says Evan Myrianthopoulos, Managing Partner of GPB Capital responsible for the firm’s Debt Investments, and Chairman of Insightra Medical.

TIGR® Matrix’s resorbable mesh has been used on-lay to reinforce midline laparotomy closures in order to avoid wound dehiscence in a study published in Frontiers in Surgery. Many surgeons believe using a permanent material causes an unnecessary risk of long-term, mesh-related complications, like discomfort and chronic pain.

“Standard hernia meshes and plugs are often associated with numerous complications, most of all chronic pain, which is why Insightra is focused on becoming a premium provider of innovative hernia repair solutions like TIGR® Matrix,” explains Kai Trompeter, CEO of Insightra Medical.

Data presented by Dr. Bruce Ramshaw, 3rd chair of the Department of Surgery at the University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine in Knoxville, in 2016 showed a cost savings of $8,744 per patient when surgeries used TIGR® Matrix compared to the use of biologic mesh. “By replacing the biologic meshes we used for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction, we saw significant savings for the hospital, and when combined with other process improvement ideas, we saw better outcomes,” states Ramshaw, who has used TIGR® Matrix for his surgeries since 2011.

TIGR® Matrix will be on display this March in Miami at the International Hernia Congress, presented by the American Hernia Society.

About Insightra Medical:

Insightra Medical, Inc. designs, develops and markets a new generation of medical devices serving the hernia and general surgery market. As a fast-growing hernia device company with a dedicated hernia sales force in the United States. Insightra Medical is focused on improving patient outcomes such as reducing post-operative pain. For more information, visit

About Novus Scientific:

Novus Scientific AB, Uppsala, Sweden, develops, manufactures and markets resorbable implants that help the body’s own healing. For more information, visit

CAUTION: Read “Instruction for Use,” which accompany the product, for indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

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