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By Marc T. Taylor, M.D.

Even earlobes cannot escape the aging process. Plastic Surgeon Marc T. Taylor, MD. finds that few patients visiting his practice are aware that an earlobe reduction is even an option. Dr. Taylor states, “Drooping earlobes change the whole face, especially when the piercing hole is almost at the bottom of the lobes. Patients are frequently surprised that there definitely is a pretty simple way of reducing earlobes surgically.”

“Earlobe-plasty” (earlobe reduction or earlobe repair), usually done in conjunction with a facelift, is now gaining popularity as a stand-alone procedure. With few exceptions “detached” lobes can be “attached,” prominent lobes can be made smaller, and elongated lobes can be shortened – all with the intent of making the earlobes more proportionate to the size of the ear and shape of the face. “It’s a subtle but definite enhancement in appearance and can give a more youthful look to the face when dangling earlobes are corrected,” states Dr. Taylor.



Erase Years in Under an Hour

Earlobe-plasty or reduction is an office procedure done under local anesthetic. It takes less than an hour and there are no bandages. The techniques used will depend upon your specific anatomy. If there is simply extra earlobes tissue, an incision is made along the bottom edge of the earlobe. That soft tissue is removed and repaired. If the lobe is very wide or the hole is stretched a great deal, a different incision might have to be used. Dr. Taylor states, “I repaired a stretched out, torn, and hanging earlobe on one of my face life patients a few months ago during the procedure. She had torn the earlobe over 30 years ago and had no idea they could be repaired. She was as happy with the earlobe repair as the results of the face lift!” Re-piercing of the earlobe can be done approximately six weeks post-op.

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