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By Dr. Daniel Lee at New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness

I am close to 20 years out from graduating from medical school in 2001.  I have spent many years in training and at times wonder why I didn’t go straight into the plastic or cosmetic surgery.  However, God had other plans and had me go through both family medicine and obgyn residencies prior to going through my most recent cosmetic surgery fellowship.  Many would look at the first two board certifications as a waste. However, if I never had the training in family medicine and obgyn residency then I would not be able to treat my patients from a holistic perspective like I do today. 

Many of my non-surgical physician colleagues a decade ago would laugh at my pursuit to optimize men and women hormones through bioidentical hormone replacement.  Now, many of them have realized the health benefits of hormone optimization and are themselves treating their patients with bioidentical hormone replacement. In the past, many physicians would laugh at their patients when the patient would tell them they are reading a book on hormone optimization.  Now many of them are no longer laughing because they have read the books, gone to the training, or seen their patients go to a hormone specialist and get better. They have not only become believers for their patients but they themselves are optimizing their hormone levels. How do I know? I treat many of these physicians. 

I’m grateful for my training and experience in treating thousands of patients for hormone imbalance.  It has allowed me to not only help patients with their outside appearance but also with their overall health.  For example, I will see a patient who is 45 years old. She has had three kids and she is interested in a tummy tuck.  After going through her concerns, she also has mentioned that she has very little energy, poor sleep, foggy thinking and a low sex drive.  Not only can I do a tummy tuck and give her back the shape she had prior to the kids. I’m also able to assess her hormone labs and see that her thyroid and testosterone levels are not optimized.  Within 3 months of her tummy tuck, not only is she liking how she fits in her clothes, but she loves that her hormone levels are optimized and she has more energy, sleeping better, thinking clearer, and her libido has returned.  

So if you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon that takes a more holistic approach to your overall wellbeing.  Or maybe you are not even thinking of cosmetic surgery but you feel like you or a family member need their hormones analyzed and optimized.  Then give us a call and we would love to see you at New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center.

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Dr. Daniel Lee
Dr. Daniel Lee