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Provided By: Martin Williams

Good oral health is important because it might just be the window to your overall health. The reason behind this is that the problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body as it is the entry point to your digestive and respiratory tract. Thus, maintain your oral hygiene and make regular visits not only to your dentist but to a dental hygienist as well.

The Role of a Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist can work with your dentist to keep any oral problem at bay. They can perform oral health care assessments which include a review of your health history, dental charting, and gum disease evaluation. They are also equipped with the knowledge to process and interpret dental radiographs or remove plaque and tartar from your gum line using Dental Hygienist Tools that are necessary for performing a deep cleaning. More importantly, they can educate you regarding proper oral hygiene techniques to maintain healthy teeth and gums and be a great role model for you.

Dental hygienists are experts in performing general cleanings that rarely vary from one patient to another. Expect that they will pay close attention to your mouth while being nimble and dexterous, aware that a sensitive tooth can be very painful to their patient. They will also treat you with patience and understanding, calming you down as you sit in the dental chair, and having the stamina to treat you for as long as necessary. They ease up the burden of a dentist by freeing the time of the dentists to perform more advanced and complicated procedures such as cavity fillings and root canals. When it comes to your teeth, below are the reasons why the role of dental hygienists are important.

  • Stronger and Whiter Teeth

The primary role of hygienists is to give your teeth a thorough and deep clean, reaching those hard to reach areas that your toothbrush or floss won’t be able to do. They are also equipped with the skills to remove hidden tartar and plaque from your teeth. Apart from this, a regular visit to a hygienist will also lead to a whiter smile. With the use of their tools, they will be able to effectively take out stains from your teeth brought about by the food and beverages you take in. While there are whitening kinds of toothpaste that can handle these external stains, nothing beats the work of a hygienist.

  • Healthy Gums

Healthy gums will keep your pearly whites intact for longer. Your hygienist can work with you to ensure that your gums are in perfect condition to prevent your teeth from being loose, which is why it is important to see them regularly. When you notice blood in your saliva after you brush or you floss, then it is of utmost importance to see a hygienist immediately because this is an early sign of gum disease. Aside from bleeding gums, inflamed gums can also be a sign of early gum disease. The removal of hard plaque deposits from your teeth and gum can effectively mitigate this.

  • Fresh Breath

Another reason why hygienists are important is that they can guarantee that you will have sweet breath each time. Bad breath, or halitosis, is often caused by an underlying condition in your mouths such as a decaying tooth or gum disease. It can also be caused by a significant amount of bacteria that are hiding under your gum line. In this case, no amount of brushing or flossing may seem to work. Rest assured that a dental hygienist will be able to help you deal with this problem and eventually restore your confidence.

  • Early Detection of Oral Diseases

Finally, dental hygienists are important because they can help you identify oral diseases early on and prevent its onset. This is because they can check for early decay or faulty fillings, as well as other infections and even oral cancer. They also carry out a full examination of your mouth, including cancer screenings. In addition to this, they will also provide you with sound advice on how you can reduce your risk of developing these oral diseases.


Hygienists are important when it comes to ensuring that you have a strong set of pearly whites. They also play a role in keeping your gums healthy, without any bad breath. Dental hygienists can also help you nip any oral disease right from the bud. These are only some of the reasons why dental hygienists are important for your oral health, and of course, for a more confident and smiling you.