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Provided By: Mike Khorev

People would always consider ways to maintain that healthy smile. There are a lot of ways on how some features of your teeth can be improved. Today, people are already going for veneers. A lot of people who were able to have them would say that they are indeed worth the money they have paid. 

What are Dental Veneers?

In cosmetic dentistry, they have introduced veneers for imperfect teeth. It is a remedy for those who have chipped or stained teeth. This is considered as a permanent change that can help you deal with the said problems. For you to be able to understand more, veneers are actually composite resin coverings or thin porcelain. They are permanent and they are bonded using dental cement to the front surface of the tooth. 

Pros of Dental Veneers

With the fact that dental veneers are permanent, you have to really know why you should be getting them. Here are the advantages of dental veneers:

    • Easily Whiten Your Smile

Stained teeth are one of the problems that may affect your smile. There are different causes for this problem. Firstly, it can be caused by drinking coffee, eating foods that are highly pigmented, and smoking. While you do these things, your teeth may lose their attractiveness. There are different ways on how you can deal with this problem. However, most of these ways are temporary. If you are going to have it bleached, the possibility is for you to deal with the problem again in the future. This is why you should consider veneers. They are stain-resistant and you do not need to worry about discoloration. 

    • Durable

Another important thing that you need to consider if you will be having dental treatment is how long it would last. With veneers, you can expect that the porcelain will last for up to 15 years. For plastic, it can last for seven years. With this, you do not have to worry about your teeth for a long period of time. 

    • Realistic appearance

One of the reasons why veneers are becoming very popular these days is their realistic appearance. This is because of the similarity of the features of porcelain and the natural covering of the teeth, which is the enamel. With that, you can expect it to look natural. 

    • Give straighter and whiter teeth look

There are different things you can expect from veneers. They can help you fix the gaps between teeth and deal with minor misalignment. With this, you can expect that your teeth will look straighter and naturally beautiful. With its porcelain feature, the teeth will certainly look whiter. 

    • Easy shaping

In comparison with crowns, veneers do not need extensive shaping. Since these are thin porcelain, there is usually no need for it to be shaped according to the teeth. It is as perfect as it is. 

Cons of Dental Veneers

Before you finalize your decision about dental veneers, consider the following disadvantages:

    • Teeth Sensitivity

Part of the process of veneering is to remove the enamel. This is the reason why it may lead to sensitivity. With this, your teeth may become sensitive to cold or hot drinks. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you avoid those that may cause sensitivity attacks. 

    • High Cost

Porcelain veneers are expensive. If you are going to think about the number of teeth that you will be considered for this treatment, you will certainly invest money on it. For every veneer, you will need around $1000 to $1,500. This is why you have to consider it as an investment. Though this is something that may look disadvantageous, looking at the result will be another thing. The reason for the high cost is that veneers are durable and they can last for years. 

    • Not Reversible

With veneers, there is a need for the dentist to alter the structure of your natural teeth. This is to ensure that they will be placed properly. Its permanence will lead to the difficulty or the impossibility of enamel restoration. It should also be considered that there will be a time when you have to replace the veneers. It may be permanent but it will have its own due. 

    • If a Tooth with a Veneer Decays, You May Need to Replace it with a Crown

One of the disadvantages that you should know is that your tooth may still have to deal with decay problems. And worse, having veneers will not protect it from that. If you have veneers and one of your tooth decays, you may have to consider replacing it with a crown due to its permanency. 

By looking at the different things about veneers, it is easy to say that it has a lot of advantages. If you are dealing with discolored and damaged teeth, it can be a perfect treatment for you. However, it is very important to really look into the pros and cons before you make a decision. And most importantly, you need to make an appointment with your dentist to be able to know if you need one.