Keylife Surgery Center and Med Spa, San Antonio’s premier medical group for both surgical and non-surgical care, is now offering the latest, most advanced procedure for reducing waistline fat. The non-surgical BTL Aesthetics Vanquish ME™ fat removal system targets stubborn love handles, flanks, and belly fat using radio frequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells permanently while contouring the abdomen.

MDMonthly_VanquishMEThe BTL Vanquish system, first approved by the FDA in 2012, has been featured on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The View,” and reviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and E! News. Keylife Surgery Center and Med Spa is excited to be among the first medical offices in San Antonio to offer the FDA-backed ME™ ? the latest and greatest in fat-reducing technology.

Further improving on Vanquish non-invasive technology, the newly engineered BTL Aesthetics Vanquish METM (Maximum Energy) takes body contouring to new levels with increased tuning performance, more concentrated thermal energy and enhanced panel design capable of treating the entire abdomen–six times the area as compared to other body shaping methods?with increased efficiency in less time.

Hot Is The New Cool

Unlike invasive, surgical or uncomfortable freezing treatments, Vanquish ME™ has been described as a relaxing, spa-like experience that is so quick and painless it can be done on a lunch hour.

Imagine tuning out from your day to relax, or even fall asleep, to soothing music and the warmth of what feels like a heating pad or hot stone massage. And just days later, inches have begun melting away from your waistline.

That’s how Keylife patient Catherine Lawson describes her experience with Vanquish ME™.

“It’s easy, and it’s relaxing, really,” Lawson says. “You don’t have to work to do anything; it does it on its own.”

“Because we’re treating a larger area at higher and more consistent temperatures than previously attainable, the results are even more natural looking” -Registered Nurse Savannah Turpin of Keylife Surgery Center and Med Spa

A busy mother of two, Lawson can’t always find time to exercise, which made her a good candidate for Vanquish.

And for many people, especially as they age, slimming a stubborn midsection is challenging despite diet and exercise. Vanquish ME™, with its ability to treat flank to flank rather than just isolated spots, can be the antidote to weight loss plateaus after just four to six brief sessions.

“Because we’re treating a larger area at higher and more consistent temperatures than previously attainable, the results are even more natural looking,” says Registered Nurse Savannah Turpin of Keylife Surgery Center. “We’re seeing an actual change in curvature.”

“Things feel smoother,” Lawson adds. “I feel better and more confident.”

Beach-Ready In A Month

Vanquish ME™ is best suited for those 21 years and older looking to lose inches without the cost and recovery of surgery. In fact, patients can expect to drop at least one pant or dress size after four treatments, at a fraction of the time and cost plastic surgery and other techniques require.

“This is remarkably appealing to our patients,” Turpin says. “Especially compared to less economical fat reduction procedures that take considerably longer, cost more and don’t produce the same results.”

During a Vanquish ME™ session, patients lie comfortably on a bed while a heat-emitting, contactless panel hovers over the abdomen.

“Just naturally, when you feel better and look better, you treat your body better.” -Keylife patient Catherine Lawson

No needles or incisions. No anesthesia, medication or downtime. Only slight, temporary redness to the skin happens in some cases. Unlike liposuction and other more invasive procedures, Vanquish ME™ utilizes first-of-its kind multi-polar, deep tissue heating that goes through the skin to target fat cells while avoiding muscle and organ tissue.

Other than increased hydration before, during and for two days after treatment, no advance or post-preparation is necessary.

For Lawson, increased water intake has become a healthier way of life.

“I kept it up,” she adds. “Just naturally, when you feel better and look better, you treat your body better.”


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