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The Lack of Affordable Therapists in Texas is Driving People to Alternative Options

By Suman Kabeer

The cost of therapy has become quite expensive in various states even though it should be a basic necessity considering that many people suffer from mental health disorders. This problem is especially prominent in Texas. According to substance abuse and mental health services administration [SAMHSA], close to 3.68% of adults in Texas live with severe mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and major depression.  

Only 38% of adults with mental disorders in Texas receive any form of treatment either from the public system or private providers. The other 60% do not receive mental health treatment.  The reasons why this significant number of mental health patients does not receive treatment may be because of the stigma that’s associated with receiving therapy or the high cost of therapy which can be up to $200 per session. The patients may also feel that the therapeutic process lacks confidentiality.

That’s why many people in Texas are looking online to receive therapy in the comfort of their homes.  Online counseling allows you to talk to a therapist over the internet. It is continuing to grow in popularity due to its benefits. The following are some of the incredible benefits of online therapy.



You can access online therapy easily if you wish. Online therapy eliminates barriers that may make it difficult to seek therapy. For instance, people who live in remote or rural areas where there is no in-office therapy can benefit from online therapy. Individuals who are physically disabled and are not able to leave their home can also access these therapy services without much hassle. Moreover, people with visual or hearing impairments can also receive therapy easily.  As long as you have access to the internet, you can make use of therapy services at your convenience.



Convenience is one of the best things about online therapy. It’s just a matter of an agreement between the therapist and the client on the most appropriate time that they are both available. Online therapy can take away the hassle of booking an appointment which is common with traditional therapy. The therapist can also extend his services to multiple clients and reach a larger geographical region. If you are uncomfortable with talking to a therapist face-to-face about your feelings and experiences, online therapy may be the best alternative.  



Online therapy is quite affordable than the traditional therapy. Many states nowadays require insurance providers to cover online therapy just as they would cover the traditional therapy sessions. Online therapists offer affordable treatment options or people who are not covered by health insurance. 

Online therapy is entirely confidential


There is still stigma associated with receiving therapy. This makes it difficult for people with mental illness to seek therapy. But with online therapy, it aims to keep your information as confidential as possible. When you begin online therapy for the first time, you have the option to use a nickname or pseudonym with the therapist. This will make you more comfortable during the therapeutic process. 


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