By: Melissa Muse Wiggans of Real Estate Muses

Local San Antonians can easily give you the names of multiple authentic Mexican food restaurants, great retail spots, the best sports bars to watch a Spurs game.  They know how long it takes to get to the airport in rush hour from any part of the city and what an Uber costs to catch a ride to the Pearl Farmers Market.

Most locals know who the hottest new builders are, what new restaurants are coming to the city and where the worst traffic around town is. Detailed knowledge of old and new neighborhoods of interest can also be added to the list.  

But, what about if someone is new to the city? Who can explain what “outside the loop” really means? Who will introduce them to the deliciousness that is a refreshing Chispa or why people walk around the entire month of April with jingling medals dripping off their brightly colored clothing?

How will they know how to pronounce “Huebner” road or where Alamo Heights begins and ends. Insert Real Estate Muses.  These “experienced realtors with a client service focus” can help a newcomer learn the ins and outs of the city– and do it with the charm and commitment that will win over even the most unsure potential transplant!

The personalized concierge-style service provided may include an airport greeting and pick up, and hotel check-in. Also included, might be city history, local eats, neighborhood tours and discussion of important details that most relocation clients want and need to know, but don’t know to ask!  

The benefits of this service? One, getting to know San Antonio and the surrounding areas can help to build the bridge and give you the extra edge to sign your new executive or medical recruit or get the “buy-in” of a reluctant significant other.  Two, experiencing a positive “immersion” into a new city is more likely to provide a potential employee with the ability to “see” him or herself there. Three, you don’t have to miss time in the office to introduce and sell San Antonio-let someone else does it!

Do you like the idea of having a friendly, professional and local agent on your team to provide your prospect with a unique introduction to the city?  Contact Melissa Muse Wiggans and her team at Real Estate Muses to learn how you can partner with a top-notch agent to create just the right impression you need to get the employment contract signed!

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