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It is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic outbreak has been one for the books. It took the world by storm disrupting life as usual. Lockdowns were enacted, social distancing was encouraged and implemented.  Many restrictive containment measures are still in place all over the world. This has created distance between family and friends, neighbors and lovers, isolating one from another. This can take a toll on mental health, and it is best to find ways to navigate through this process.


The pandemic has been described as a collective trauma that the world is undergoing. It is normal to feel low, down, and out about the turn of events. Recognizing that even as people are separated, the experience still unites them lessens the burden. Finding strength and comfort in community is therefore crucial. 

Thanks to technology, there has been a rise in the number of therapists and mental health professionals on various social media platforms. they provide useful resources for navigating the crisis. Although social media advice does not count as therapy, it nevertheless offers a platform for people to access mental health resources beneficial to the ongoing experience when they cannot access therapy itself. It is useful to utilize these resources


Maintaining communication with loved ones also lessens the mental toll. Technology once again comes in handy as people can communicate while miles away from each other through video calls, texts, and social platforms. The feeling of loneliness is therefore lessened.


Taking care of the physical body such as an evening run or walk, or maintaining a simple exercise routine offers a ripple effect as the mind feels clearer and better after body movement due to the release of feel-good hormones. This improves overall mood and mental state. Making healthy meals builds a healthy immunity physically and mentally.


It is also beneficial to incorporate self-care routines. Self-care is highly individual-specific. Be it running a bath, watching a favorite film, making a run to the store; incorporating fun to do activities helps take the mind off the negative events and brings an overall positive vibe.


Seeking mental health services is important and should be normalized should all else fail. The world is ever-changing. Being kind, extending grace and patience, and seeking help when needed will ease the mental load and lead to better mental health outcomes. 


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