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Provided By: Djurica Tarana

Dark Circles under the eyes is a common concern to a lot of people. Granted that dark circles may not be a serious health issue, nevertheless, it can make one appear fatigued, relatively old or even outrightly unhealthy. Compiled here is a list of dos and don’ts you need to follow to ensure you are dark circle free.

  • Ensure Adequate Water Intake 

You may have heard about the importance of staying hydrated over and over again, but the importance of adequate water to your body system, in this case, to prevent dark circle forming under your eyes can never be overemphasized. Already, water constitutes as much as sixty percent of one’s body weight and a lack of it could potentially lead to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Therefore, it becomes crucial to always drink enough water on a daily basis, but determining what quantity is enough is another important factor. However, research has proven that 13 and 9 cups of fluids daily are enough for both men and women respectively. The point to note here is that it mustn’t be H20 water alone, which means that you can take your liquids in varying forms such as conventional water, flavored water, fruit juice, or even decaffeinated tea. Also, the proper amount of water intake helps to fight with the body odor.

  • Certain Facial Oils

Certain types of facial oils can be helpful in the fight against dark circles. A very good example of such facial oil is the Almond Oil. What makes almond oil effective in preventing dark circle under the eyes is attributed to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it contains.

In addition to the aforementioned properties, it contains, almond oil is equally rich in vitamin E, retinol as well as vitamin K and they all contribute in ensuring that dark circles won’t be an issue you will contend with.  

You will also make sure that you are using a high-quality type that is cold pressed and organic.

For its application, you will need to wash your face and hands thoroughly, then apply a considerable amount of almond oil on the areas below your eyes and massage gently. The best time to do this in the night before going to bed and wash off in the morning. It is important to emphasize that result may not manifest rapidly as it could take several weeks before changes could occur.

  • Under-Eye Creams

Eye Creams to the rescue? Maybe yes!

Granted that the use of topical eye creams in the treatment of dark circles may have received thumbs down from quite a number of dermatologists as an effective way of combating under eye dark circles, it nevertheless merits being on the list considering the number of people who attest to its reliability.

Maybe you too can give it a try, who knows you might as well join the numbers that have already attested to its efficacy or end up endorsing the verdict of the dermatologists who claim that they are not reliable. As the saying goes, no harm in trying!

  • Ensure Proper Diet

Eating a proper diet is essential in preventing dark circles under the eye. Foods rich in vitamin C should be part of your daily nutrients intake. They include oranges, broccoli, strawberries, red peppers, etc.   

Lack of iron can equally cause dark circles under the eyes, therefore you should endeavor to eat iron-rich foods and they include meats such as red meat, poultry, and pork. Others include beans, peas, spinach, apricots, etc.

  • Take Proper Rest

 Adequate rest is crucial in the fight against under-eye dark circles.  Aside from its other numerous health benefits, proper night rest would go a long way in helping to ensure that dark circles are not prominent under your eyes. Although, inadequate sleep may not directly lead to the formation of dark circles it will cause skin color to appear pale which in turn will make any existing dark circle to appear worse.

Modern lifestyle has made getting adequate sleep difficult for many people, but be that as it may, everyone should try as much as possible to get at least seven hours sleep daily. Use Beauty blog that provides a lot more information on this topic

  • Do You Smoke? Stop It Now

Did I hear you say this is déjà vu? Well, you may have heard 1001 reasons on different occasions bordering on why you need to quit smoking. Lest I forget, you may not be a smoker; all well and good but if you are, those dark circles under your eyes have added to the number of reasons why you need to stop smoking.

One of the demerits of smoking includes the depletion of vitamin C, a vital nutrient your skin needs to remain healthy. Smoking can lead to the formation of wrinkles, skin discoloration and of course dark circles under your eyes.