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Use The Spring Months to Create Your Summer Body

Provided by Burn It In 30

If you want a summer body, you don’t want to wait until June hits to get started with your healthy eating and workout plans. The time to begin is the months prior to summer beginning. Here are four ways you can start creating your summer body now.

1. Swap The Sugary Drinks for Water

If there’s one habit you change, swapping the sugary, calorie-laden drinks for water should be it. If you consume coffee, specialty coffee drinks, juices, or energy drinks, you are consuming extra calories that are not benefiting your body. These drinks are contributing to your inability to lose weight. Before you decide to drink something, it’s a good idea to know how much sugar and calories it contains. You might think fruit juice is a good choice because it contains fruit, but they often have added sugar.

Even without added sugar, fruit itself contains sugar, so you don’t want to have more than one proper portion of fruit juice per day. Limit your coffee to one a day and properly portion the sugar you add to it. Don’t pour sugar into your drink until it is your desired sweetness because this is extra calories you don’t want. If your goal is to lose some weight and tone your body for summer, making water your number one drink of choice is one of the best choices you can make.

2. Move Your Body Every Day

Even if you don’t hit the gym, lift weights, or run three miles every day, moving your body every day is crucial for creating your summer body. Moving daily is important not only for your intended weight loss, but for your overall health and wellness as well. Set a goal to walk a specific number of steps each day. 10,000 is the recommended amount of steps you should walk every day, but if you’re not used to walking, start with 5,000 or 6,000 and work your way up. Moving your body regularly will help you achieve the summer body you want. Don’t use moving your body more as an excuse to eat more or drink more of the calorie-filled drinks you enjoy. You’re not trying to maintain your current body, but improve it.

3. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting can help you successfully achieve the summer body you want. If you tend to overeat, intermittent fasting will help you to control the hours within which you eat. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating where you cycle between fasting and eating. There are different variations on intermittent fasting. You may choose to fast for sixteen hours or just ten hours. Either one will benefit your body by helping you to consume fewer calories and give your body the chance to burn off what you have consumed. It’s important you also learn proper portions. Whether you choose to intermittent fast or not, if you eat portions that are too large, weight loss will be difficult. Intermittent fasting is also not an excuse to fill the shorter hours with more food. You will eat as normal or better.

4. Stay Inspired

It’s easy to be inspired during the first week of your new plan to create a summer body, but as the days go on you will find the will to continue slipping. You’ll begin to have cravings for the foods you love. You’ll want to sleep in instead of getting up for your morning walk or gym session. It would be easy to stop and go back to your old habits, but you need to constantly remind yourself of what you are working for.

Think ahead to summer and how you want to feel about yourself and how you want to look. If it helps to keep images of your dream body around, do that. If you have friends who are fitness and health-minded, spend more time talking to them and looking at their social media to keep yourself inspired.

Creating your summer body is possible. You need to start before summer hits because it will take time. Give yourself at least a few months of implementing new habits and you will see results.

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