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The Venus Freeze Procedure – Laser Cosmetic Solutions

By Dr. Melanie Carreon

This is a non-invasive treatment for skin laxity and for body contouring. It temporarily reduces fat while tightening the skin, with radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields. It heats up the tissues without burning the skin. As the tissues heat, the collagen heats as well, providing renewed collagen-making which may result in skin tightening.

How The Procedure Works Again Stretch Marks

The Venus Freeze works temporarily for wrinkle reduction, fat reduction, and to improve collagen formation for healthy skin. Stretch marks can be lessened temporarily in much the same way as wrinkles are reduced. The new collagen that is formed is pressed up to the skin’s surface, making indentations and marks less noticeable. More even more dramatic effects, use in conjunction with a chemical peel to rejuvenate the top layers of skin and erase fine marks and spots.

Benefits to the Venus Freeze Treatment

  •  It’s quick – You only need between 15 and 40 minutes, depending on the area you’re getting done.
  •  It’s painless – There is no pain involved with the radio frequencies. Making for a much more pleasant experience than other skin tightening methods.
  • It’s relaxing – Patients getting the Venus Freeze Treatment have likened it to getting a hot stone massage.
  • It’s safe – With low-risk radio frequencies, there isn’t damage to the skin or outer tissues. The heat is dispersed without temperature spikes.

You can see how good it may do in before and after completed treatments. Talk over what parts of your body you’d like to have possible reduction in fat and wrinkles, and where you’d like to see most possible improvement. With realistic goals and a set plan of treatment, you and your doctor can start a treatment program with the Venus Freeze Method that may possibly help bring back your body’s natural collagen, collagen that lessens as we age.

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