Karen Hasty, M.D., F.A.C.O.G
As a gynecologist, I spend many days in my office hearing women complain of such things as hot flashes, night sweats, inability to sleep, and mental fogginess. They tell me they have no libido because the desire is gone and it hurts. They can not build muscle, their joints hurt, and they are gaining weight in their midsection but they have no energy to do anything about it. These are not just women who are in menopause. These are women whose ages range from 30-70. They chalk up how they feel to life, to marriage, to kids, to stress, to age, but not a single one is happy with how they feel. Before my practice learned of BioTe, I, too, thought the same thing. Now I know differently, and I would like to share my knowledge with you.
Hormones are in every cell of our bodies. Men produce testosterone hormone, while
women produce among many – estrogen and testosterone hormones. Hormonal decline can affect all aspects of our lives. Levels begin tapering off in our 30s and can fall up to 10% annually. It is not uncommon for 40- and 50-year olds with hormone levels so low that they do not even register on lab results. Most people chalk up how they feel to getting older and never think to ask their doctors.
To learn if your hormones need to be optimized, the process is simple. Blood is drawn for testosterone, estrogen and thyroid and an appointment is made to discuss your lab results and decide if pellet therapy is right for you. The amount needed is calculated based on your age, weight and lab values.
Pellet placement is a minimal office procedure where the side of the buttock is numbed with local anesthesia and the pellet is placed through a tiny incision. Women and men start feeling results within a few days and the hormone lasts around 4 months for women and 5 months for men. A lot of women are often frightened of getting testosterone as they view it as a male hormone. We, too, have testosterone in our bodies just at a much smaller amount. To compare the two, women receive 100-200 mg of testosterone and men 1800-2400 mg. A big difference!
Aging may be a part of life, but feeling old does not have to be. With such a simple solution to feeling great, aging healthier and living happier could start with a simple blood test at a certified BioTE® provider.
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