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9 Psychological Tricks for Weight Loss

By: Albert Lopez

Weight loss has become a very important topic. Over the years, people have been ill and unhealthy because of excess body weight. There is a long list of sicknesses and diseases associated with having too much fat in the body. In fact, there is a popular belief that fat people are lazy. Whether this is true or false is another debate entirely.  What we however know is that excess weight reduces the activeness of a person. In lieu of this, different people are taking active steps in burning fat, shedding weight and staying healthy. While we already know of some physical and mental ways of getting rid of excess weight, it could still come as a surprise to a few people that there are psychological tactics employed to achieve this same result.

Nine Psychological Tricks for Weight Loss

Psychology is simply the study of human and animal behavior. Weight loss has a psychological angle to it. Weight loss doctors in the US have confirmed that the tricks listed below can help achieve meaningful weight loss result.

  1. Think of exercise as a fun activity

We already know what role physical exercise plays in weight loss. Physical exercise helps to build muscle pressure and reduce fat. While some people view physical exercise as a tough practice, psychology says it must be seen as a fun activity or a type of relaxation before any result can be achieved. Therefore, to burn fat and shed weight, do not see physical exercise as stress. Rather, see it as an opportunity to have some fun.

  1. Pay attention to what you are eating

This is very crucial. Don’t just eat everything that comes your way. You must take time to scrutinize every meal before it gets to your mouth. In fact, it is better and safer to have a nutritionist who will guide you and advise you accordingly.

  1. Psych yourself up for eating less

This is equally important. If you naturally have a large appetite, you must try to make conscious efforts to eat less if you are really serious about losing weight. This decision must come from deep down in your heart and you have to convince yourself about reducing your food intake.

  1. Use a smaller plate

This could be a bit funny, but it is somehow correct. Many people believe there is a connection between the size of the plate and how much food one eats. The smaller the plate, the less  food you are likely to eat. This guides and helps you reach your weight loss target. With a bigger plate, one could be tempted to fill it up, leading to more food consumption.

  1. Understand what causes obesity

On your own part, you may have to do a little research on why people get excessively fat. This will help guide you to avoid the same mistakes they made. For the record, obesity sets in when the BMI exceeds 30. Usually, obesity increases the risk of health problems and it is caused by consuming too much fat and sugar without burning them through physical activity or exercise.

  1. Be kind to yourself

This involves knowing your limits and not doing things that will endanger your life or put your health at risk. Be kind to yourself and know what to do and what not to do, things to drink and what not to drink, and things that you should avoid eating.

  1. Revisit what you know about weight loss

This involves consciously reminding yourself about the inherent dangers of excessive weight. You need to constantly remind yourself about victims of obesity and how they found themselves in their present situation.

  1. Ditch dieting

This means that you should ignore following a diet. Psychologically, if you eat what you feel like eating and not necessarily what you are compelled to eat, you do not accumulate too many fats. However, when you follow a strict diet plan, you may likely have excess weight issues.

  1. Steer clear of opaque food containers

This means that you should not eat any food enclosed in a container that you cannot see through. If you must eat sealed or enclosed food, the container should be transparent.

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