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Altus Hospice Care: The Difference

Video featuring Jessica Taylor, VP Sales and Marketing at Altus Hospice


I think it’s our viewpoint on end of life, on making it about how you live. That is a big catchphrase for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization right now. But in reality, that is something that I’ve been saying for years my experience in hospice.

“It isn’t about the dying, it’s about living while you’re dying.”

We can’t change that, that’s bigger than me. But, we can make it right, and we can make it right for the patient and their families. 

That’s done through those experiences and through those relationships. The earlier you make that decision or your family members make that decision, the better it will be for your family. This is because we can come in and make those relationships. We will be able to help you and your family make the hard choices as they come up.

When we only get 2 weeks to do that, we don’t have a relationship yet. Its hard for you too trust us and its hard for us to tell you, because the bond isn’t there yet.

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Altus Hospice was established in Texas in 2007 and has been proudly serving Texas ever since. Our emphasis is on palliative care and quality of life. Every effort is made to make the patient more comfortable and fulfill their wishes. Our team is highly trained to provide patients and families with medical, practical, emotional, and spiritual support. – Altus Hospice Care 

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