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CoreRecon, a Corpus Christi-based cyber security company, came to San Antonio recently to discuss the necessity of cyber security in healthcare on the San Antonio Living show this February.

But, John Martinez doesn’t have to go far to find an example of why cyber security is critical in the healthcare industry.

Even a simple trip to the dentist with his wife yields proof. While waiting at the dentist office recently, he discovered that the office’s wireless network was basically unsecured and left open for the taking.

“I noticed — and this is from my iPad, it’s not even my laptop — that they had an Apple Airport, and I started noticing that I could actually configure this Apple Airport through my iPad and set up different accounts using that wireless,” Martinez said. “I could actually manipulate their wifi, and I could have named it whatever I wanted.”

His partner, Christopher Hegg, slowly shook his head in disbelief.

“That’s who we are…We’re the security guys who know security.” -John Martinez, CEO of CoreRecon in Texas MD Monthly

“He could have been very malicious and taken that entire network down and locked everyone out, because it wasn’t configured correctly,” Hegg said. “There weren’t passwords, so that leads you to believe ‘Well, what else isn’t configured?’ What else in their network is open?

Luckily for this dental practice, Martinez and Hegg are the good guys and far from malicious. Finding these kind of lapses in cyber security is what they do professionally at CoreRecon. CoreRecon is the brainchild of John Martinez, Christopher Hegg and their other partner, Patricia Luttrell. All three are retired from the armed services, in which they all worked in cyber security. Luttrell is the company’s chief technology officer, Martinez is the chief executive officer, and Hegg is the company’s senior security engineer. The Corpus Christi-based security company specializes in cyber security, IT solutions and Cloud solutions. They are one of the few companies in the country which offer Cloud assessments, Cloud security and Cloud implementations.



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