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TX Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in spine surgery, Dr. Steven Cyr, hopes to advance patient care and improve safety with the game-changing O-arm imaging system.

North Central Baptist Hospital recently began using an advanced, 3D imaging technology that brings a higher level of precision and safety to complex spine surgeries–allowing surgeons such as spine surgeon Dr. Steven Cyr to get a better assessment of the patient’s anatomy.

With this state-of-the-art O-arm imaging system, surgeons can view the patient’s anatomy while in surgery, ensure ideal positioning of implants to stabilize the spine, and verify those surgical changes with a 3D image prior to the patient leaving the surgical suite.

“When we can scan the patient’s body, the CT-quality real-time images it provides show the bony anatomy much more clearly than do traditional intraoperative X-rays currently used in the OR,” Dr. Cyr said.

Dr. Cyr notes that the O-arm is an invaluable tool during hardware placement particularly in high-risk cases, such as in patients with previous spinal surgery whose anatomy has become distorted, placement of spinal implants in patients with scoliosis, extremely small bones, or in areas of the spine where surrounding structures are at increased risk.

“People that have had surgery before, especially when they’ve had multiple surgeries, have distorted anatomy that makes screw placement challenging and risky. This technology gives the surgeon a real-time image in multiple planes to ensure the most ideal placement of spinal fixation, thus decreasing complications that can occur.” Cyr said.

“Nothing replaces a surgeon’s conscientiousness, meticulousness, and training, but it certainly enhances accuracy for anyone who chooses to use it. For the patient, it means safer, more precise surgery. For the surgeon, it means peace of mind and reassurance that implants have been ideally placed, which means less surgical risk and improved surgical outcomes,” he added. 

With technology changing constantly, Cyr said he hopes for a breakthrough in surgical methods that will allow for even less invasive spinal procedures in the future.  

“The hope is that one day we won’t have to do fusions anymore. Hopefully we will be able to use injections and stem cells to regenerate normal tissues without the need to fuse. But because we aren’t there quite yet, stabilizing the unstable segments of the spine is sometimes necessary to decrease pain in patients with debilitating back pain due to instability. These procedures can really improve patients’ lives when performed properly. Screw placement is key in attaining a solid fusion and long-term stability. The O-arm is a vital tool in accomplishing that goal, particularly in challenging cases.” Dr Cyr said.

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