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ENT Clinics of SA – 5 Ways to Relieve Sinus Pain 

Provided by ENT Clinics of SA

Sinus pain is a persistent problem for many people, particularly during allergy season. Thankfully, you do not have to idly suffer while hoping that your pain gets better. Here are five ways to help minimize your sinus problems.

Clean Air

Air quality is a big issue for people with sinus problems. It is very easy for the air in your home to become filled with pollutants and allergy triggers. An air purifier is a worthwhile investment for someone who suffers from sinus issues. You should also make sure that your home is properly humidified. Air with very low humidity, particularly when the heat is running in your house during the winter months, can dry out your nasal passages and exacerbate sinus problems.

Allergy Management

Although you can’t cure your allergies, you can minimize the amount that they effect you. If you are unsure of what your specific allergy triggers are, you can visit an allergist to perform a needle stick test. Once you’ve identified your allergies, you must avoid your triggers at all costs. If you cannot avoid your allergy triggers, find an allergy medication that effectively minimizes your symptoms.

Stay Hydrated

A dehydrated body will lead to dehydrated sinuses. If you stay hydrated, your sinuses will be able to stay clear more easily, preventing pain and congestion. Be sure to periodically drink water throughout the day. Aim to drink a daily minimum of eight glasses

Saline Rinse

If your sinus issues are related to dry nasal passages, a saline rinse might provide relief. Saline sprays are available at drugs stores and provide your nose with a blast of safe salt water. You can also rinse your nasal passages using a neti pot, which allows you to run a stream of salt water through your nostrils.

Moist Compresses

Placing a moistened towel on your head above your sinuses might provide relief. Many people find the best results by alternating temperatures. Use a warm compress over your sinuses for a few minutes, then swap it out for a cold one. If you repeat this process a few times, you might feel better.

Sinus issues can be very difficult to manage. If none of these techniques improve your condition, you should consult a doctor to see if your sinus issues require serious intervention.

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