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Increasing Your Productivity By Having Better Blood Circulation

By Katerina Weissova

Having good blood circulation is essential. In fact, it provides great and amazing benefits to the human mind and body. Your health, fitness, and wellness are largely affected by the quality of your blood circulation. And having a poor circulation system may cause deterioration in many aspects of your body.

Now, your day-to-day productivity is also affected by your blood circulation. If you feel that you’re down and too lazy to move, it could be that your blood is not properly circulating. So, if you are looking for ways to increase your productivity, you may want to check and improve the quality of your blood circulation.

But before we proceed to the actual steps, you may want to understand first how blood circulation works in totality. It all starts with the heart which is the one responsible for pumping out the blood. The arteries are the ones responsible for carrying away the blood from the heart. And this is when the blood gets circulated all throughout the blood vessels in the body. As for the veins, they are the ones responsible for carrying the blood towards the heart.

Now, to improve your blood circulation, here are the ways to do it:

  1. Walking

Walking is a great form of cardio. Not only that it elicits weight loss, it is also great for your heart and blood circulation. Apparently, when you walk, the muscles on your legs contract and relax. Accordingly, the veins and other blood vessels on your legs are squeezed which allows the flow of blood to be more effective, especially in areas where the circulation is stagnant.

Moreover, you can execute your walking activities at any pace you want. Whether you like it brisk or not, it would still promote better blood circulation.

  1. Practicing yoga

Aside from the weight loss promotion, yoga can provide a lot of benefits to the body and mind. And if you are aiming to improve your blood circulation, practicing yoga is one of the best ways to do it. Apparently, yoga positions and routines involve a lot of bending, stretching, and twisting. And these positions are very helpful in squeezing your veins and blood vessels.

Also, you may want to start practicing inversion therapy as well. Strictly speaking, this is in some way and somehow part of yoga routines. But, it largely focuses on inverting your body and improving your back. Accordingly, when your body is in an inverted position, your hips and heart are put above the head. And gravity will work its ways to elicit a better blood circulation.

  1. Eat superfruits

Fruits are nutritious and beneficial foods. But, you may want to choose a much helpful kind of fruits if you want to improve your blood circulation. These are normally called as superfruits because not only they can give you health benefits, but they could also provide several properties that will help your mind and body.

Superfruits like oranges and other citrus fruits are great choices as they are rich in vitamin C. Not only that it can boost your immune system, but they are natural blood thinners that will decrease the risks of having poor circulation.

Other superfruits may include goji berries and watermelon.

  1. Use the inversion table

In relation to the inversion therapy, the inversion table is the most recommendable equipment that you should use. This will allow you to execute the routines of the therapy properly. Also, the inversion table has all the tools and attachments that you will need in order for you to do the positions effectively.

As mentioned, inverting your body will allow the gravity to work on your blood circulation. It is important for you to note that gravity plays an important role in your blood flow. And when done properly, it can benefit you greatly.

You can also use the inversion table for other positions and routines that you may try. These positions may include the elevation of your legs which is highly effective as well in improving the circulation of your blood.

  1. Stand up at your desk

If you are one of those people who work in a corporate setting, then you may have probably experience sitting the whole day. Apparently, sitting for hours can largely deteriorate your blood circulation. Not only that it results in stagnant flows, but it slows down as well your metabolism and your system.

So, the next time that you will sit down for the whole day, try to move a few stretches on your legs. Schedule an hourly break where you can simply stand and stretch your legs. Also, you could choose to do your tasks while you are standing.

This can largely help you improve the circulation of your blood and promote weight loss.

  1. Wear the right clothing

Wearing the right and comfortable clothing may seem too simple and confusing but little did most of us know that this can prevent poor blood circulation. If you are fond of wearing skin-tight clothing and apparel, you may have probably experienced the quick dropping of your energy. Apparently, tight clothes can significantly affect your blood circulation. It can actually hinder the blood from flowing properly.

Hence, if you really want to improve your blood circulation and be much more productive, opt to wear comfortable and proper clothing on a daily basis.

Today, only a few pay attention to the quality of their blood circulation. And this is without even knowing that poor circulation can affect the overall quality of life including productivity and energy. So, if you think that you need to start improving your blood flows, you may want to apply these tips now and see the difference that it can make!


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