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Veteran Health Services at Post Acute Medical Veterans Center of Excellence (VCE) 

Provided by Post Acute Medical


The Veterans Center of Excellence represents Post Acute Medical’s commitment to the development of comprehensive medical services individually designed to meet the needs of our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their family members. We provide the highest quality medical services with professionalism and passion that is focused on facilitating the best possible holistic outcomes. 


We strive to provide care that moves veterans and their families toward their desired goals based on their individual medical needs. We work with the local community to bring businesses, Veteran agencies, and nonprofit agencies together to streamline services for our service members and Veterans beyond medical care. 


Our Military Advisory Council consists of Veterans who understand the unique needs of military patients and their families. Some have experienced the programs that Post Acute Medical offers and, through their trials and successes, help to guide the continuing development of services offered by Post Acute Medical VCE. We work with Veterans and our staff to ensure communication of goals and to elaborate on the special needs and requests of the Veteran, Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. 


The VCE concept and delivery of care started six years ago in San Antonio, Texas. We saw major disconnect between access and delivery of care for our service members across the state of Texas and the United States of America. Instead of complaining, we put together a professional team in San Antonio to address the medical, therapy and family concerns of our service members and to assist them as they return to their job/combat, reclassify into another military job or retire with a plan for college or trade school. This concept continues to grow across the United States as Veterans move back home or retire to their communities.


Our passion is to heal and teach our Vets “How to Fish,” and to prepare them for the next chapter in their lives beyond the military while making them productive citizens that pay it forward to the Vet behind them. 

Join Us: 

See and be apart of impact locally; use your talent, specialty and networks to truly make a difference. Community reintegration of services is the key to the success of this program. 

For More Information:

The Veterans Center for Excellence proudly serves the Department of Defense and the United State Department of Veterans Affairs but is not affiliated with any governmental entity. 

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