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Provided By: June Schlaufman

One way or the other, lots of people are on quarantine today. Sometimes, it may entail staying indoors
within limited space for extended period of time. However, being indoors all day long can lead to undesirable outcomes such as anxiety and insomnia among others but it does not end there. Air in confined spaces like the room is relatively dry when compared with outdoors and with the heater on as well as the being re-circulated. Such air will become drier over time which will ultimately cause those who are there to experience dry skin as well. Having a dry skin can lead to the breakout of eczema or
other skin rashes. 

Hygiene is Key

As we go about our daily chores; engaging in activities such as making telephone calls, sitting on sofas,
reclining against the wall etc. our skin will accumulate bacteria. However, when we leave our skin in
such state for extended periods, we risk having an accumulation of dead cells, microbes and dirt that
can lead to bacterial infections. So, what’s the way out? Bearing in mind that our skin requires lipids and
moisture for it to be able to function in its purest form, then the only way to achieve that is by
maintaining proper hygiene.

Proper skin hygiene can achieved through the following ways:

 Bathing at least twice each day (morning and night)

 For ladies, make-up brushes should be cleaned once weekly.

 Our mobile phones can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, therefore it is important to
always clean it with anti-bacterial wipes.

 Regular exfoliation is important. This is to ensure that dead skin cells are removed in order to
allow fresh ones to manifest. By so doing the skin pores will be devoid of blockages and also
giving the skin a healthy glow.

Make Sure to Stay Hydrated

The importance of staying well hydrated at all times can never be overemphasized considering its
numerous benefits to the body system. However, for the benefit of this topic, we will be limiting its
attributes to the skin alone as listed below.

 Staying hydrated will help you to inhibit the breakout of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.
 Drinking considerable amounts of fluids will help your skin to fight certain rashes and other
conditions like eczema and psoriasis while improving its complexion.
 It will help to reduce puffiness
 Ensures faster healing and reduces itchiness
 Mitigates acne
 Helps in slowing down aging

Wash Your Face Frequently

Regular face washing is important in order to maintain a healthy looking and refreshing skin. The
following factors are what make washing of face vital.

It helps in removing build up unwanted particles such as dirt, oil, dust and other forms of debris. The
facial skin contends with bacteria, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells which could have adverse effects
on it. However, regular washing will prevent all that. In addition, regular face cleansing along with a
good moisturizer would ensure that your skin is properly hydrated which would make it to feel and look
fresh. This is particularly important for Acne-Prone Skin because blockage of skin pores is one of basic
causes of pimple breakouts.

Pick a Moisturizer That Suits Your Skin

In order for you to be able to pick the ideal moisturizer that will suit your skin, you will need to know
what your skin actually requires. It might seem quite a daunting task when you get to the nearby
drugstore or even a high-end cosmetics store since there are lots of varieties to select from, including
ointments, creams, exfoliants, lotions and sunscreen. However, you don’t have to worry as it is actually
simple provided you follow some laid-down procedure.
Firstly, you should check the active ingredients it contains and look out for petrolatum, lanolin and
glycerin and also check if the moisturizer is produced by a reliable company. Also ensure it has sun
protection factor of not less than 30, a point that was buttressed in the Index of Science.
If you have a sensitive skin then you should look for a hypoallergenic moisturizer. For oily skin type, your
choice should be oil-free moisturizer.

Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily

The awareness against touching our face may have become very popular especially now that it is one of
the ways to prevent getting infected with COVID-19. However, it has always been the golden rule in
order to maintain a healthy skin. Our hands can be a handy tool we use to do almost everything, from
opening doors, picking objects, shaking other people’s hands etc. and in the process they easily attract
pathogens that can be harmful to our skin.
Studies have shown that people touch their faces 23 times per hour on the average, so it is obvious
stopping such habit can be quite difficult. However, we can make conscious efforts not do so,
considering the risks attached to it.