Soon after relocating, Dr. Francis became an integral part of the medical excellence in Houston. For four years, he served as an assistant professor with the University of Texas where he was responsible for training residents and fellows in the field of spinal surgery. In 2003, he founded Spine Associates, and 38-years-old he was already considered one of the top performing, busiest and hardest working spine surgeons in Houston by his peers. His motto: “Whatever it takes; I’ll give you my best. I promise.” Dr. Francis’ motto is incorporated within the philosophy of Spine Associates. Their mission is simply to give each adult and child the best of themselves every time. Their goal is to get each person back to normal—physically, functionally and cosmetically.

Offering an array of services from sciatica treatment and robotic assisted spine surgery to adult stem cell therapy, artificial disc replacement and electro-diagnostic testing are just a few of the comprehensive services that Dr. Francis and his team offer that make up Spine Associates as a whole.

When a patient has a spine issue, they are typically in pain when they come to see Dr. Francis and they need appropriate treatment quickly. Verifying a diagnosis requires diagnostic studies such as X-rays, MRI, CT, EMG/NCV’s and diagnostic injections. Having these services within the practice allows the team to facilitate these requests sooner so the patient is able to get their treatment plan sometimes the same day as the initial appointment. This is extremely helpful for Spine Associates’ international and out-of-state patients. Taking a conservative approach to treating spine conditions has always been a standard in the practice. Only 10 percent of their patients require surgery.

At the core of Dr. Francis’ philosophy is the fundamental belief that the connection with patients and their families is crucial to the entire medical process. While talking with him, he explained just how important this connection is throughout the entire care of the patient. “As a physician, we are in a sense wedded to the patient. The treatments that we give and recommend will affect the patient for the rest of their life. It is essential to have a good relationship with my patients to get the best results possible and to get them the results they deserve,” says Dr. Francis.


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