From time to time the supplement industry makes headlines with reports of dietary supplements being falsely labeled and contaminated with unlisted ingredients. In 2015, top brands sold at GNC and Target were found to contain contaminants and fillers — with little or no evidence of the herbs listed on the label.

A statement from the New York State Attorney General’s office shared grim statistics: “Virtually every product we tested includes ingredients not listed on the packaging, and close to 80 percent failed to show any evidence that they included even trace amounts of what was advertised.”

This news is disturbing, but not surprising. While the supplement industry is regulated by the FDA, their oversight in this industry is limited.

Vital Plan is founded on the idea of providing pure, therapeutically-dosed products to its customers.

While these other companies aren’t intentionally selling bad supplements, they’re trying to cut costs — and that means cutting quality in the process. To sell competitively priced supplements, some companies buy ingredients from low-cost suppliers who offer no third-party quality guarantee. These suppliers offer less-expensive supplements by using low-quality ingredients and fillers. Without testing, which adds cost, there’s no way of knowing what’s going into the supplements.

Customers are the unfortunate victims in such a situation, but supplement companies suffer a loss as well. When companies resort to unscrupulous or irresponsible practices, it discredits the entire industry.

High-quality natural supplements do work. They can be a great alternative to toxic drugs. However, when news breaks about fraudulent supplements, people are unsure which companies they can trust.

Consumers must learn exactly what to look for when it comes to supplements. There are ingredient suppliers who take great pains to source ingredients of the highest quality, and there are supplement companies who purchase from these reputable suppliers exclusively to offer the highest level of products. Vital Plan is one such company.

We’re serious about the quality and efficacy of our supplements. The ingredients we choose are of the highest caliber. In the interest of transparency, here are our practices for providing the highest quality supplements possible:

Vital Plan’s 5 Steps for Quality Control:

1. Establish relationships with top ingredient suppliers. We work with the finest ingredient suppliers on the market today. These suppliers are deeply committed to providing top-notch proprietary and patented ingredients.

2. Require suppliers to provide a Certificate of Analysis for every ingredient purchased. This certificate is then validated by a third-party lab to confirm the identity and potency of each ingredient, as well as the absence of contaminants, such as heavy metals and harmful microbes.

3. Select a manufacturing facility that’s committed to quality. The facility we selected only allows ingredients to enter their facility after they’ve been properly identified by in-house analysis. The facility also performs quality control checks for their manufacturing processes on each batch of supplements produced.

4. Test supplements after they’re manufactured. Our finished products are tested by an independent third-party lab to confirm the label claims match the capsule content. Once again, the materials undergo microbial testing to further ensure quality. These supplements are quarantined until we receive the test results.

5. Store products in a cool, dry environment. Our fulfillment center in Raleigh, NC is dedicated to the proper storage of supplements and is diligent about checking expiration dates and flagging new deliveries to ensure that products are properly rotated into the system.


For more information visit Vital Plan. Vital Plan is a wellness company committed to offering quality natural supplements and credible health information to help people improve their lives.

Vital Plan was founded by Dr. Bill Rawls to increase awareness about chronic illness and offer his personal journey through Lyme disease and fibromyalgia as an inspiration and learning experience for others.