Since 2004, Pro-Care Medical Center providers have served the San Antonio and Austin communities exceptional, personal care. Starting in January, Pro-Care Medical Center patients will be blessed with another addition to the organization’s already impressive team. Dr. Marc Goldhagen, M.D., will join the ranks of Pro-Care Medical’s esteemed team and continue to help heal the Alamo City and Austin-area patients.

Dr. Marc Goldhagen’s history of service to others is strong and second to none. He attended, and graduated from, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia for his undergraduate degree, and following graduation, Dr. Goldhagen went on to receive his medical doctorate from the Chicago Medical School of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. After medical school, Dr. Goldhagen went to perform trauma surgery for two years in the Bronx, and he followed his success there with two years of orthopedic surgery in Tampa, Florida.

Following four successful years in the Bronx and Tampa, Dr. Goldhagen set his sights on a new challenge and mission. He joined the Air Force in 1992 in order to continue his training, and once he joined, the Air Force trained Dr. Goldhagen to be a flight surgeon, a job he particularly enjoyed and carried out for five years. Following this, Dr. Goldhagen successfully completed his training in aerospace and occupational medicine. For 24 years, Dr. Goldhagen served his country and fellow military personnel dutifully. During this time, he deployed multiple times to the Middle East. From Afghanistan and Iraq to Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Goldhagen has traversed the region thoroughly.

“If it’s got ‘-stan’ at the end of its name, I’ve been there,” Dr. Goldhagen shared with a laugh.

During his deployments, he served as a member of a team that examined the suitability of various remote places for remote basing in the Middle East. Analyzing former-Soviet air bases, Dr. Goldhagen and his team were responsible for assessing the area for biohazards, food and water availability, and other essential resources and information to ensure the areas would be suitable for prolonged exposure for military personnel.

“If it’s got ‘-stan’ at the end of its name, I’ve been there” -Dr. Marc Goldhagen

Aerospace and occupational medicine drew Dr. Goldhagen’s attention because it wasn’t a broad specialization of an affliction, but rather, it is a specialization in particular individuals and their environments. The field and his practice of it necessitate that Dr. Goldhagen assess the patient and their ability to work in their chosen environment, while also assessing the environment’s effect on individuals. His work has allowed him to examine industrial and aerospace environments, among others, to discover new methods to make the workplace safer and less damaging or harmful to groups of people.

“It’s both population and individual medicine,” Dr. Goldhagen explained enthusiastically.

Dr. Goldhagen’s work takes into account ergonomics, people’s exposure to dangerous chemicals, work hours, working in microgravity or higher altitudes, among other things, and how those environments can leave long-lasting health effects on people. His passion for his patients and work push Dr. Goldhagen to do right for the patient while also helping facilitate employees and employers in their work relationship to ensure that both parties’ needs are met.

“We want to work as the honest broker between employees and employers to ensure their mutual needs are met. We have an employee who wants to go back to work and an employer who wants their worker back, and we need to make sure that everybody gets the best that they’re supposed to get,” Dr. Goldhagen shared.

This past July, Dr. Goldhagen retired from the Air Force as a full-bird colonel. During his service, he received numerous awards and was highly decorated. A travel enthusiast and home remodeling buff, Dr. Goldhagen has enjoyed continuing to traverse the globe with his wife Susie while his two sons Craig and David complete their studies in medical school and electrical and computer engineering, respectively. Though this coming January, Dr. Goldhagen will once again jump in full-force and wholeheartedly to caring for and treating the patients at Pro-Care Medical Center.


For more information visit or call 210.504.4189. Dr. Marc Goldhagen will help heal the community at Pro-Care Medical Center’s location at 9727 Poteet Jourdanton Freeway, Suite 101 in San Antonio, TX 78211.